The Careless Side of Me

by - 2:17 AM

I can't believe that I will do this kind of thing :O

You are my babe, who I can't live without
You are my love, who I always hold in my hands
You are so precious to me 

I am truly sorry for what I have done to you
Leaving you behind, and walked  away like that

I promise that I will not do this to you again
And if I ever did that again, please forgive my careless
I don't want this to happen too
But if it ever happened again, it must be something gone wrong

Once again, I am sorry, phone, I won't forget to bring you to school again :P

First, let us take a selfie :3

Okay~ Maybe not A selfie :P

Love your flora top that I bought for you last year ^.^

Wanna know my story, that how careless I am?
Here you go.....

It's Thursday and I usually wake up at 7.30am and leave my house at 8.30am to go to school. But I was informed that one of my school parking lots is closing on that day due to some issues, so I decided to go to school early to get a parking space for my "small grey" :P 

I want to go to school an hour earlier than my usual time, which is 7.30am. And I volunteered to fetch my younger sister to go to school because she usually leaves home at 7am. So it's a perfect timing for me to go to school after fetching her to school and my mom can sleep more for a while. 

I am a person, who likes to sleep and I always sleep as long as I can, because I love sleeping XD
My sister woke up at 6.30am and I usually ask her to wake me up after she's done using the toilet (we share the toilet), so that I can continue sleep. 

That day, she did wake me up, but because I was too tired, I went back to sleep. >.< I was burning the midnight oil the other day, which made me so tired. By the time, my sister woke me up the second time, it is already 6.50am. And then I was like 
WHAT!? Why you didn't wake me up!? 

And then I used 15minutes to brush my teeth, wash my face, change my clothes, wear contact lens, spray sunblock, pack my bag and take a bun and my socks. I rushed all the way to my sister's school in 15minutes ;) Phiuh..... I just made it :D

When I was waiting at the Sunway traffic light, I am bored, and I only I thought of my lovely phone.
I searched all the possible places that it can be, but still can't find it. 

And then, I realised the truth that I forgot to bring her out! :O

Careless Cheryl is being Careless :3

At first, it was okay, because I have tried a night without my phone >.<

But then, I felt really inconvenience without it :( It's completely different case, as I need to wait until the night came, when I got back home. The night without my phone is okay, because it's just a few hours. I think I have broke my own record for not touching my phone for more than 12 hours ~

A day without my phone, is a new experience for me and I felt quite uncomfortable without it in my pocket. I kept touching my pocket and still not get used to it, that my phone is not with me! :O

I can't reply my friend's whatsapp, I can't play snapchat, I can't take selfie, I can't surf Facebook or instagram when I am bored. Everyone around me seems like very busy doing their work. 

I did do my work okay XP I just need some time for me to rest and surf internet :P

When I told my friends that I forgot to bring my phone, most of their reactions are
*cough* Hehehe ya I am serious >.<

Oh well, it's just a day without my phone. 
Tell me if you guys can live without your phone for a day by commenting below ^.^
I would like to hear from you guys :D

Bye ~

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