Technic on how to get a boyfriend

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Today is a beautiful Monday, not a blue Monday perhaps :D because I have no class for this week. WAIT ! This week is actually not a week for me to enjoy, but it's assignment week :/ But, it's okay ~ we have to enjoy our life first to face the suffer again :P 

Most of my friends around me are couple and I wonder why I haven't found mine :3 Sometimes, I hate being surrounded by couples ~ I'll feel quite lonely because the couples only see their loves one in their eyes, and will eventually ignore ME ! :( 

If you are in the case like mine, Or Envy on those who got a boyfriend, where you're alone in Valentines Day, Or hope that there's someone who can help you to eat your leftover food, Or buy   anything that you want,
Don't worry! Now I am going to share some technic on how to get a boyfriend ;)

1) Make yourself more attractive

First, you'll have to know how to make yourself more attractive, by dressing up, make up, or workout, and others. You might want to say that you don't want to attract a guy using your appearance, but your personality. But~ Trust me! A lot of guys now, look at your appearance first before they get to know you. Like for an example, you might not want to know more about the ugly fat guy more before you know him right? Maybe he can be your normal friend, but you won't get attracted by him right? After got along with him, you might realise that he is quite good and then only you will change your mind on getting to know more about him. Don't say that you don't judge book by the cover ! More than 50% of people judge a person's physical appearance before they know them.

2) Show your weakness

Guys love the feeling that girls admiring them. Show some of your weakness and ask some helps from them. If they are interested in you, they will help you willingly. This might be a double win for both sides, as the girls have someone to help her, and the guy will feel that they're useful. For an example, you can always find a way for him to help you carry stuff, or take things that's placed on the top of the shelves, or even ask him to teach you homework ;)

3) Share things with the guy

You can always find a reason that you can't finish your food or whatever thing and want to share it with him. Guys will understand as they always know that girl has a smaller stomach. For an example, you can choose not to order any food or drink at the cinema. Then when the movie starts until half way, you can always ask to eat his popcorn or drink. Some of the guys don't mind the saliva one :P (ps this is for those who dare to do) And you can make some incident, like touching his hand when you are taking popcorns. 

4) Have some physical contact 

Girls always have a lot of her reasons XD That's why sometimes girls are smarter than guys :P Like what I have mentioned just now in the cinema, when you're sharing the popcorn with the guy. You can find some ways to have some physical contact, but NOT TOO OVER! Guys will got shocked and run away if you are too over. You have to make it less obvious. For an example, when you forgot to bring eraser, you can lean over him to take the eraser and have some small contact with him.

5) Show off your body shape

Some girls like to wear sleeveless top, or shorts to show off their body shape. Some even don't cover their boobs, when they're squatting to pick up something on the floor. Some who wear super short shorts, when they're squatting, you can even see half of the apple of their butt >.< I am not sure whether they're really careless or just trying to show off. Maybe half half la. Besides that, there's also case like squatting down to tie their shoelace without covering it. I have totally no idea what their thinking, but this normally works on the guys very much~

Just to mention that, all of these tricks are actually not created by me, but I knew all these from a Taiwan Show. I just feel like sharing this here as I think that the show is very funny and I think it might help some of you. 

If you don't understand mandarin, I suggest you to just read what I have written because I have written mostly everything. But if you know mandarin, you can watch the show yourself as it's REALLY FUNNY. I have repeated a few time watching this and still will laugh :D 

Have a nice day ahead :D 
Ps Hope that it can wash away your Blue Monday ;)

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