Ps I love you

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Recently, I have borrowed a fiction from the library. My friend told me that it's quite nice and recommended me to read it as the English is not that hard.

I think you guys are quite familiar with this book, Ps I love you, which is written by Cecelia Ahern. There's also the movie version of this book, which I am going to watch it later. :)

If you haven't read this book, I am going to brief you the story. The main character is called Holly, who's husband just passed away. She's living in her miserable life, until she received 10 meaningful letters ----- all ending with Ps I love you, which is written by Gerry, her husband. Those messages have helped Holly to come out from her sadness of missing Gerry. 

I feel like some parts of me is just like Holly. Not that I have lost someone, who I loved so much, but I felt quite lost sometimes. I don't know what to do next and I hope that there's someone like Gerry, who can help me out when I need him.

Besides that I also feel jealous easily >.< And I just don't show it out. 

In some ways, I feel like I understood why Holly will have that kind of feeling, when both of her best friends told her their good news. One of them, who don't like kid, is finally pregnant; and the other who is always not serious in her relationship is finally going to marry. 

She felt unfair as she cannot have her own baby of her favourite person, Gerry and her husband is no longer beside her. But on the other hand, she felt happy for them as they are her best friend, who always be by her side whenever she needs them. 

It's quite unusual but normal to have different kind of feelings at the same time.
What make me jealous and think that I am like Holly?
Perhaps, it's because my sister got her new iPhone? My father asked me whether I want to change my phone because I told him that I can't update my phone as the memory is full, which mean that I have limited space left for my photos and apps. This is not a big deal, but then he shouldn't has asked me if he's not planning to buy a new one for me. 

Instead, he bought it for my sister. He didn't even ask her to pay him some money. I have wanted a Mac last year and he finally bought me one this, with the condition that I have to pay the half of it. Which mean that he sponsored me the half of the price of the Mac. Therefore, if I want to change my phone, I have to pay some part of it :(

I know that it's not a good thing to jealous people, especially that person is your family. I understand that I'm actually very fortunate to grow up in this kind of family, cause there's still people in this world suffered more than me and they don't even have a normal life like me. I also know that keep on staying in my own sad world is not a proper way. 

But I just can't help it. I have found various of ways to make myself happy, like watch drama, or run, do things that I like, but after doing those things, I back to the same me again. I can't keep do things that I like for the whole life right? I still need to go back to the reality, and face it. Life still goes on and I have to wake up, eat, and face my problems  :( 

I just hope that writing all this thing out can make me feel better and ya ~ 


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