How I spend my birthday #0410

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Hey yo, it has been awhile since I last blogged :P

Have been so busy doing my Management assignment and my Economics quiz. And now they are over, but something new have came: Accounting and Economics test :/

So, today I have squeezed some of my time to blog about how I spend my birthday :D Yay ~

First, let me post a picture of my selfie ^.^
I was damn excited on that day because someone is going to fetch me, and I do not need to drive all the way to Subang :)

We have decided to go The Hungry Hog , as we found that a lot of people recommended this place. 
So we went there to have a try.

This is their set lunch. 

I will recommend their set lunch, as the prices are quite reasonable, and the portions are quite big. 

Shi Kei and I have ordered this Belt Sandwich for lunch. It is Rm12.90 (excluded tax)
The sandwich is a combination of bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomatoes. You can choose 2 side dishes and a drink for this set, where we have chosen salad, fries and ice lemon tea.

This is their Plain Jane, which is Rm11.90 (excluded tax)
It is actually, and it comes with 2 side dishes and a drink too.

After we finished our lunch, we have a very long selfie and chat in the cafe. :P 
I think we have sit there for more than 3 hours :D 

Candid shot that was taken by Hui Suen XD 
Feel like posting this because I look good in the photo :D

Hui Suen always likes to take selfie and spam my phone album XD 
This is quite blur because I am not ready yet and still moving :3

After taking the first photo, I think that my face is too big, so I was trying to cover it using my hair :P #notreadyface

Okay, I am going to spam photos now :)
#1 (Not sure what Hui Suen is doing XP)







#8 or #9 ? haha :P
Ops, Shi Kei has photobomb the photo XD



#8 is back ^.^

Okay, now is pretty photos of us ^,^

Angle! Angle! Angle is very important :P

Ops~ my selfie again :D 

The filter effect of B612 :3 
Not sure why is it so many people using this app

Yi Ling! The one who always go crazy with me. Hehehe
Whenever I am bored, she will always entertain me with something INTERESTING ;)

Was trying to act cute XD 

#failed XP

The one who is very lame :P
Always has lame jokes for us :D




#bigeyes or #shocked ? 0.0

Okay, it's Ji Yin's turn to selfie with me :)
Ps. She is trying to hide behind me -.-

And now she appeared :D with a slight smile

Can see the differences? 
I changed my hair direction to right and JiYin has a bright smile this time XD

Invisible ice cream are in their hands XD 
See how JiYin reacted! hahaha 
She's like got entertained by both of them ~ so happy ~

Family photo ? hahaha
When both of them are having normal eyes, and Yiling is trying to has big eyes.

When both of them are having big eyes, and Yiling is trying to has small eyes.
Yiling just want to be unusual one XD

Oh no, three of them look the same :D
 Really looks like they're taking a family photo :P

#actingcool but actually not cool at all XD but funny :P

Hui Suen's time to photobomb ? :P

Why is Hui Suen eating her hair ? XD 
Is it taste good ah Suen? 

Cheese ^.^

That big ribbon :)




That stunning look XD











Not sure how many photos that I have posted, but I can guarantee you that I didn't post all of them here :P

A group photo :) #找出亮点

We look pretty cool here :D Thanks to Shi Kei

Do you guys know what this symbolise?


#cool ?

Last but not least.... Our OOTD ^.^

Urh.... Hui Suen! You're squeezing my cheek >.<

Spot the 5 of us :) #ANewWayToTakeAGroupPhoto

It's awesome to have a bunch of friends who know you well
You no need so many friends, because you just need few of them to accompany you in your life. ;)

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