Don't take things for granted

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Don't treat a person TOO good! 

It's very thoughtful when someone helped you without your asking, or even when you requested it. People are just being helpful and kind to help you, doesn't mean that this is their job and they have to help you forever.

People always take things for granted. Don't we? If you start doing a thing and you continue do it for a few times, then you suddenly stop doing it, it's like your wrong for not doing it again

Is that mean that if we not doing it for the first time, we won't get scolded from people for not doing it the second time?
Sometimes, admitted that you're a lazy bump is not a bad thing huh? :/ 

It's like a sinful thing when you stopped doing the thing. 
Hey, that's not my job please! Can you do it yourself? 

For an example, there's a beggar who's perfectly fine and he don't want to work. He walks around the neighbourhood everyday to beg for food. He always go to Neighbour A, who always give him rice. Then one day, Neighbour A has a baby and he gives the beggar bread instead of rice. Then the beggar starts to scold him as he's not satisfied when he received the bread. 

From this story, we can know that the beggar has taken the food from the neighbour A for granted. When the neighbour A change to a cheaper food for him, he starts to complain. 

It's quite sad to say that almost all of us have taken things for granted before. And yes, I did that before. When I first ask my sister to help me do something, she's very grateful to help me. And then from that moment, I will keep on asking her to do that. When she didn't want to help me, I will give her my "smelly face" >.< I am sorry, but I don't mean it. 

My mother also takes things for granted. I still remember that she always ask me to wash the dishes, as I am always the last one to finish my food. And then one day, my elder sister was the last one who finished her food, and as usual, she din't wash her plates. 

By the time my mother found out that there's plates in the sink, she yelled at me and commanded me to wash the plates. 

I was like damn innocent and I told her that I have washed all the plates besides hers one. She should wash her plates herself. And then she's like damn angry and kept on nagging. :(
 I think she was having menstruation that time :( 
At last, I am the one who wash the dish because it's "my job". 

The things we take for granted someone is praying for 

There's also cases like wasting something. Some people like to waste their food and left a mouthful of food in their plate. It's just a mouthful ! Why don't you finish it even though you're already very full? 
Do you know that there's a lot of people in Africa and other countries, who do no have enough food to eat? Don't take things for granted even though you pay for it, and it's not my business to decide whether you should finish the food or no >(

Oh well, me just sharing my thoughts and hope that there's no defence. :) 

If you really need their helps, at least say a PLEASE, or a THANK YOU. Just be as polite as you can, as you're actually requesting for help, and they are not necessarily have to help you. Even if they don't want to help you after you have genuinely asked for their favour, just calm down and don't get angry easily :)

Smile :) No one like a smelly face and they might change their mind if you're nice 


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