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Yesterday, my elder sister treated us dessert <3 Yay We love dessert ^.^ 

She is having internship now and she got some salary for herself. As we know, the salary of an internship is very low. It's hundred something per month and you won't get any higher than a thousand. So, we are quite appreciate for what she have done to us. She's the kind of person, who treats her friends better than her family (haha no la, just in some of the cases)

Like, she helps her friend to do their assignment, when it comes to a group project /or personal assessment. She helps them to print or find material when they request her even though she's unwilling to do it. But, she will never wash the dishes, clean the house or even just clean her room. 
She don't express her feeling to the family but we know she cares us more than anything (I think so~). It's a tradition to treat the family members when they got their first salary and she did it. And sometimes, when mom is busy, she'll take the initiative to help her to fetch us (which are her sisters).
She's just lazy to do the housework :3

The last treat that is from her is 70 weeks ago. A cup of Starbuck for each of us :) Do you know how I remember it?
Because I have a super memory? Nope !
It's because I scrolled back my instagram and that's how I knew it :P

It's sad that she don't take selfie with US :( Ish ........

So, we went to Dal Komm Coffee for our dessert ^.^ This is my third time coming here and Ya I love their food <3

Happiness is like having great food with your favourite people <3 #GreatMonthahead #TreatFromSister #GreatSatisfaction

This time, I have something different from bingsu

 I have tried their Nutella banana Honey Toast, which is heaven 
But I don't like their chips, it's quite hard :P But I love Nutella <3

We love strawberry a lot. So it's a tough choice for us to choose strawberry or nutella at the first point. But elder sister is just too good to order both of the toast for us ^.^

Popo also want to learn the teenagers nowadays to take a selfie with the food before eating it XD

Choco Lava Bingsu <3 I have wanted to try it when I go there for the second time. But one of my friends have tried it, so I gave up on trying this. 
Erm, I am quite satisfied with this but there's also some improvement that they can do, like the brownie, they can put more choc in there <3 Hehe :3

I have tried this in my first and second visit. But it's the best seller there, so we just ordered this again ^.^

To know more, you can click here for the review that I have written earlier ^.^
Bye :)

Oh btw, I forgot this d :P

Have a nice day XD 

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