My hometown, Linggi

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After my grandfather had passed away, we have convinced grandma to come KL to stay with us. 
My grandma is already very old and it's quite dangerous for her to stay at the empty house alone. 
At first, she's unwilling to follow us, because she has stayed there for her whole life. 
But then, after we have keep on convincing her, she finally agreed to stay at her eldest son's house. 

So, what we do to the empty house? 
We go back there every Chinese New Year. And every time we go back, we have to suffer a lot. 
Suffer about what? 
About the cleaning la ! The house is full of dust and cobweb and the shit of gecko. =(

But, we are willing to do the cleaning. You know why? 
It's because this is the only chance all of us can stay together in the house. 5 families and my grandma are staying in the same house. Cool right ^.^ We can stay until midnight gambling, chit-chatting and do some stupid things that we only do to our cousins. =D This place is full of our childhood memories. We used to play hide&seek, 'adventures' at the backyard where there's a lot of oil palm, and going up&down the neighbourhood. 

This year, we have a new challenge on cleaning the house. From the picture below, you can see that the garden area is full of dried weed, dried flowers and dried tree =(

It used to be a very pretty garden. My grandma loves gardening a lot and she always take care of them as she has nothing much to do when she's staying there. And I still remember that rambutan tree. It's always full of rambutan when we go back hometown and now they're all gone. 
No more rambutan for us. Due to the hot weather and lack of water. 

Erm, I am not sure whether he's playing or helping us :P

sweeping the dried leaves that's in the ditch.

It's great that everyone worked together to clean the messy garden. 
It looks like a mission impossible for us as its's really messy and like a disaster. 
Luckily, we made it because Many Hands Make Light Work :D
We managed to finish it by the sun set.

I know it's not a good idea to have an open air burning, but it's what the people in village do to their rubbish. 

I'm not sure how many times we have bring all this dead weeds to the rubbish area. 

We're amazed on the fire 

Selfie? Wefie ? Why not Groupfie ?

She looks lonely here 

In fact, ya I think that she's lonely, but at the same time, I think she's enjoying the little things that happen in her life. Having all of her children and grandchildren together with her. <3

Tired >.< But we're almost done.

We're finally done before the sky gets any darker and the hard work that we have paid are worth after seeing this ^.^

Thanks for reading ;D

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