Is that true?

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My sister always say that I look prettier in the photo compared to the reality XD
LOL That's me la. I don't think that I looked differently in the photo lor. She always say that I am actually taking 照骗。A lie photo

All thanks to the ANGLE  Hahaha. This is what I can say :P

People nowadays love to take OOTD or Selfie and some of them are really master of taking photos. I love stalking pretty girls ^.^ Not that I am a pervert or lesbian, but I learn those technics from them.

Ps, I didn't edit/filter all of these photos.

Smile when you can ! It will make you look prettier and maybe slimmer. Depend on your face. 

See how round is my face if I don't smile :P

Secondly, stretch your leg out. Stretch it as far as you can, so that it will look this long <3

Find your own angle, which will make you look slimmer. I love taking side view of my face, so that I look slimmer :D

Use your bag/leg to cover some part of your leg, the fat part. So that they will look slimmer ^.^

I have a squeezy cheeks which always annoy me :/

Leave your arm a bit, so that your arm won't look so meaty :)

Use your hair to cover the fat part of your cheek

Spam ! Take tons of photos and you'll definitely find at least one of your favourite  =D

Some of the real #candid are not that bad and they usually look natural which I always want 

It's not necessarily to have a high angle to take your selfie. To have a slim face, all you have to do is to lower you chin, so that your double chin can be hidden underneath. 

Sometimes, taking a high angle of selfie, may make your cheeks even bigger. 

Lastly, find a friend, who have the patient to help you take OOTD 

*The symbol love <3

Apply all the tips, and you'll definitely capture a nice photo that you want ;) 

And also, 
Have a high memory space in your phone/ camera, so that there's more spaces for you to take photos
*All of the pictures are taken by my iPhone5 . Love their camera ^.^ 

Yay to Apple <3

Thanks for reading 
Good Luck peeps <3

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