Is human naturally kind?

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Few days ago, when I was driving on my way to Monash Uni, something attracted my attention. It's came out from the radio, lite fm (Not sure). And the guy said:

"Human nature is naturally kind. But why is it, there's time when we always keep reminding ourself to be kind to others?Is that mean that we are actually unkind and are trying to be kind ?" 

After listening to the first sentence, something came out from my mind
I know that being selfish is not a good thing. But sometimes, I'm just being lazy and don't feel like helping my sister, when she ask me to do her a favour. But, there's also times when my sister asked me for favour and even though I'm lazy, I will still tell myself that we can't be selfish, and must help people who's in difficult.

And then I wonder.....
Is that unkind, not to help people who are in difficulties ? 
Is that the real me ? That I'm actually a selfish person, who are not helpful ? 

Hmm.... When I want to continue listen to the radio, I have already arrived my Uni.

Sometimes, I'll tell myself, that I should help people more /or when I can, so that when I have difficulties, they will help me too! But .... We can't force anyone to help us back if they don't want to, even though you helped them before. We can't take anything for granted, right ? 

We can't think that oh I help him before, so he have to help me back, this kind of attitude. 

Be kind and the god will bless you. This is what I believe. 

Facebook is sometimes one of the best media that you can have in this kind of days. I found some meaningful stories and thoughts from there. 

One of my favourite stories, that I still remember........
Once upon a time, there's a guy named ... hahah LOL Why I start it like a fairy tale story :P

Okay, But there's really this one guy, who's very kind and he wanted to help more people. So he paid the food for the people who's lining up behind him. After he left, the person who's behind him felt very warm and wanted to do the same thing to the person who's behind him. And this goes by until the next day.

This is what we called "Kindness Boomerang", which is quite similar to this video :)
Go and watch it if you haven't

This video shows a little help, the smallest of things, can go a long way.

Before I end my blog, I would like to say, be kind to others, and others will do the same thing to you. Do more and expect less, you'll live happier :) 
Have a nice day ~

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