Elder sister does all the job

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To tell the truth, I am not the eldest child in my family. I have a elder sister, who doesn't care much about me and a younger sister, who always rely on me.

I am quite thankful to my elder sister, who is always so strict to me. She doesn't teach me much either in studies or life. In fact, we are not close at all. She has her own way of living and I have my own way. That's why we don't meet each other. Our style of living are different......

Because of her, I became a quite independent person. Most of the people said that having an elder sister is a good thing, because she can help you a lot of things that an elder brother won't. Girls are more kind-hearted than guys :P.

But, I have an elder sister, who is very COOL and don't speak much. Unlike me, I am a super talkative and hyper-active person, which is totally opposite my her :3

There's times when I was facing problems doing my school work, and I requested for her help. You know what she told me? "I have already forgotten the syllabus that the teacher taught me", and just went off like that. -.- She's just 3 years older than me. And those are simple mathematical or science questions.

Okay fine, maybe she's really forgotten about those things, but when it comes to electronic products, like printer. She will say, "Go and read the instructions yourself la! There's book there ma". -.- Can you just teach me how to scan my documents in the laptop !? It won't take you a lot of time lor :3

And also because of her, I became more helpful to my younger sister. And this make her more rely to me. I know the feeling of helpless, when you really don't know how to do the work and no one is willing to help you, except you, yourself. Therefore, I always help my younger sister, whenever she needs me. I always try my best in helping her and hope that she appreciate what I have done to her.

Slowly, then I realised that my elder sister is actually helping me and I am actually not helping my younger sister. My elder sister make me to become a more independent person, and helped me to grow up faster. She wants me to try to solve the problem ourselves first, before asking people for help. She also teaches me that being alone/ learning by myself is not a bad thing though.

On the other side, I am actually harming my younger sister as she couldn't grow up like an adult. She is weak and she always need help from us. She is always the baby in our family, even though she's already 17 years old this year. She can't undertake hardship and....... ya, she's weak as in both of the physical and mental. We always can't help ourselves in seeing her struggling there herself, and we really hope that she'll grow up sooner or later. PLEASE BE STRONG MY GIRL !
I am actually trying to let go my hand and let her do all the things herself.

So, go back to the topic, Elder Sister Have To Do All The Work. I am not the eldest child but I have a lazy elder sister. This make me feel like I am actually the eldest child in the family. :/
When I was young, my dad always ask my elder sister to do things and when I slowly grew up, he ask me for favour instead of my elder sister as she has a lot of her reasons for not doing it.

Asian parents always have that kind of attitude that eldest child must know everything, and then they have to help their younger sister/brother. Why ah? Why can't all of us learn the thing at the same time, so that we no need to rely on others? Not only the parents rely on the elder one, younger bro/sis also rely on the elder one as like the elder one knows everything well. And if the elder one doesn't know, they will say "why school didn't teach meh? Why you don't know, etc" :/

Because of "The elder knows everything, he/she have to do everything". As the younger one have their one and only reason, which is 

"I don't know" !
It's like this sentence has always became their reason of refusing to do the work. 

This situation doesn't only appear in my family, but also some of my friends and cousins

Besides that, my parents also asked me to do those house work to help them. They asked us to clean the house and gave us the reason of wanting us to be independent :3 So one day when we have our own house, we can take care of it. My mom also wants us to learn cooking, so we won't die from starving :P What a caring parents we have XD

Feel free to leave your comment below if you don't agree with some of my points :)
I might be wrong though ~

Good bye ......

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