Birthday Surprise for my friend

by - 5:13 AM

In fact, my surprise plan did not work out like what I have planned and therefore I didn't surprise her XP

On the 3rd of march, it's not a normal day like always for me. It's the day when my best friend was coming out to this beautiful earth. I am very thankful to her mom because she has given birth to such a beautiful and kind-hearted girl to be my best friend ^.^ Today is her official birthday and because I have more classes tomorrow, so I decided to celebrate her birthday in advanced, whig is on Monday :)

After my class, I went to Starbuck to buy a slice of Choc Tuxedo and headed to UTar PJ Campus as she's studying there. It's quite an adventurous journey as this is my first time driving there.
People nowadays used Waze to replace maps/ or Papago. And I have used Waze quite a numerous of time and it really brought me to the place that I wanted to go.

But this time, it brought me to Jaya One, which is very near to UTar, but not UTar.
So, I called my friend for help >.< (Surprise failed) And she thought that I was joking at first :D After  go round and round finding the way to UTar, I finally reached my destination. Phiuh~ Luckily I didn't go far to the jungle and get lost :P

 By the time I reached at her college, she told me that students, who wear shorts and slippers, are not allowed to go in the campus

 :O WHAT!? 
I was actually wearing shorts and sandals on that day leh. How?
So YouJin and her friends covered me to smuggle inside :P 
And this has made a lot of people looking at us. Like they have never seen a girl wearing shorts in his/her life. LOL 

I am also glad that she has met so many good friends in her college and all of them are very friendly, especially the one, who's standing at the middle (Sim Mei). All of them know her so well, like she love white colour so much that all of her things are white in colour. And they also know that she loves toilet so much, that she have to go toilet so MANY times. They also know that her house is selling tissue one because she always have 1-3 packets of tissue with her and now she upgraded d, she used wet tissue now XD. (I'm joking~ Her house is not doing the business of selling tissue la hahaha) 

So... I din't have the chance to take a picture with her friends, but luckily I have taken at least a photo with her ^.^

We managed to chat for 30minutes+ . Because by the time I reached her college, it's already 11.30am and she got class at 12pm. She used 30 minutes + to finish her cake and the cake is not nice >.< It's quite sweet and this is what I can tell. And sorry Jin for making you to eat a cake, which is so much calories XP

Last but not least, I hope that you can stay happy and beautiful as always. Ya, I know that you have became a bit tanned, not like that fair d. But never mind, as long as we still love you XD We have known each other for more than 6 years and our friendships are still counting right ? ^.^ 

Oh ya, and stay sweet with K.J ya <3


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