A night without my smart phone

by - 3:34 AM

After gym at Monash, I went to find my friends, who were having their dinner at LunchBox. They were eating butter chicken rice at that point of time when I reached, and they told me that it's quite 膩 (means like greasy? things that we won't eat much as it makes you very full).

I was having fun watching them struggling as they're the kind of people who don't like to waste food as they pay for it. XD Because they don't want to waste food and money, they forced themselves to finish their meals. When it's time for me to go back home, something hilarious happened. One of my friends, Ji Yin, who can't eat spicy food, had eaten a chilli padi XD Hahahah

Can you imagine her expression? The expression of a person who can't eat chilli but had eaten it by accidentally ! 
 hahaha I know that I am a bad friend :P But I can't help myself from laughing so hard and watching her finding her tumbler.

After I felt that I am acting weird and someone is looking at me, I felt a bit embarrassed, and forced myself to calm down :P 

I left the place when I have stopped my laugh. 
It's a sunny day and I felt awesome after laughing so much. 

By the time I reached home, the first thing I always do is to touch my phone. I always like to surf Instagram, to stalk pretty girls and guys; Facebook, to to know had happened recently or to find something interesting; Whatsapp, Snapchat and other social medias :D 

I searched my bag, threw all the things out and my car to find the sight of my phone. And of course I won't find it, because it's neither in my bag nor the car. 

The smart way to find your phone is to call yourself! Call your phone is a much easier way than searching here and there and still can't find it. 

I have the feeling that I have left it with my friends at LunchBox and expecting someone to answer my phone. Indeed, someone answered the phone and I can recognise the voice.

A photo of them to proof that they're having my phone that time :D They said that it's their first time taking a selfie LOL ! Are you serious ? XD 

They told me that, it's their first time using an iPhone and they're quite scared to handle an expensive phone hahaha XD They's just being exaggerate. 

I always use my phone for more than 12 hours a day. hmm ya, the first thing I always do is to touch my phone and the last thing I do before sleep is also touch my phone :P

I though that I will miss it a lot, but indeed, I am quite ok with it. I can still surf Facebook and Twitter using my computer. And I have TV for me to watch my favourite drama. So, what's the problem? 

I have no problem with it and surprisingly I coped it quite well, without having my phone. Hmm, I wonder why I didn't feel any inconvenience :P Maybe that night is just quite short. If you ask me not to use my phone for 24 hours, then maybe I will feel inconvenience ba ~ :P 

So, that's my night without my smart phone, do you have an experience that is similar to it? 
Share it with me :D I would like to know your story <3 And ya, I admit that I am quite a blur person :D

Bye ^.^ 

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