4 Things that You Must Remember To Score Well In Your Studies

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Today, when I was having accounting and finance class, my tutor told us some secret on how to score well in our studies. And I am quite agree to his points and those points actually don't only apply  on student, but also can be applied those who have joined the work force.

So, now I am going to share this secret to those of you who are interested and wanted to be success in their future.

1) Don't Study, But Learn 

First, I would like to ask you guys. Why do we have classes in school? Some of you might say "To study la, or not play meh?" 

But, the main reason why we have classes is because to learn ! We can study anything at any place. Why do we have to wear uniform and go to school to study? You can choose a more comfortable place to study on your own and why do you want to torture yourself to wake up so early in the morning to go to school study? 

We actually go to school to learn ! To learn new things when the tutor is teaching in the class. We should have the attitude and the interest of learning new things, and not study for the sake of examination. Having this kind of positive attitude, you can find that there's a small improvement in learning a new thing. So, you'll find that learning a new thing is no longer a challenge but a new exposion by the time come. 

Learning when the tutor is teaching, can also save you a lot of time. You can save your time on going back home to study what the tutor was teaching just now. What for spending 2hours learning nothing in the class and use 2 more hours to study at home? You will slowly find that things that are thought by the tutor are already in your brain if you concentrate in learning it. Ask things that you don't understand and learn it immediately can save your time on going though the books yourself and still can't find the answer. You pay your tuition fees to the tutors and you should fully utilise them, and not bringing your blank brain home.

For an example, for those who know how to cycle, you don't study a book to know the right way to cycle a bicycle right? You have to learn it yourself and find put the way on how to peddle the bicycle so that it won't all. So, it's the same concept when it comes to learning a new thing. I am sure that those who have done their studies will also have to come things like this. Learn it, but not study !

Just like what the chinese idiom here 活到老, 学到老. Keep Learning until you die.

2) Don't be a Student, But be a Trainee 

First, I would like to ask you a question. Why do you want to become a student? To study? To increase your knowledge? Because everyone do it and you want to follow them? Or because the government or your parents force you?

To be successful, you have to make sure that you are not a student, but a trainee! You go to school is not because of the sake of who, but for yourself. You go to school is not to pass or get a high distinction for your examination papers, but to learn new things.

What is the different between a student and a trainee? A student is a person who studies and attends an educational institution. While a trainee is a person who undergoes for a particular job or profession. A student is not ready for the workforce, but a trainee is preparing himself to be ready in the workforce. 

Make yourself to become a trainee, so that it's easier for you to achieve your dream. Doing this, you might become a financial free person, or a millionaire in your future. Learning is never a waste of time. Some people claims that some of the units that we have learnt in secondary school are useless, as we're not going to use it in our future. BUT, those are just a touch of the topic only, and we might use it in the future and we don't know. It's not helpful to you, but it doesn't mean the same to others, as the courses and the works that you are purchasing are purchasing are different.

For an example, one of my friends, who pursued Mathematics in her secondary school, regretted for not pursue Additional Mathematics. She thought that learning art, Mathematics is more than enough for her course. But then, when she's in college, she realised that she's wrong. She pursued in Mathematic in MUFY (instead of fundamental Math, because of the requirement) and she realised that most of her friends who have learnt Additional Math in their secondary school, catch up faster than her, as they have some basic knowledge d.

Therefore, learn more when you can and be a trainee, who's ready to join the workforce and leave no regret in behind.

3) Remove All the Fear !

Don't ever let the fear to scare you off! Remember that, panic will destroy you ! If you're scared of something, you will eventually make the thing worse. 

Fear is always something that you can't see, can't touch and can't taste. It is something that does not exist, and not real. It's just a thought that you created yourself to acre yourself. So, what for creating it so scare yourself and make thing go worse? To train your heart meh? LOL

For an example, today is your Accounting Test and you have done all the revision yesterday. You're now very confident and are having your lunch at the cafeteria of your school. Then you accidentally heard that it might came out something that you have never heard before. And now, it's when the fear comes in. You will start to panic and wondering what is that, and put down for spoon and open your Accounting book. 

If you're lucky, you might find the things that you want. But, most of the time, when we are panic, we won't do things well. If you haven't found the things that you want, it will continue staying in your brain until you calm yourself down. Some of the students could't calm themselves down and wasted plenty of time when they're in the examination hall. 

And this will really destroy you and your marks. So, it's better to ignore all the things, like fear and be confident to yourself. 

Another example, how long do you take to unlock the gate of your house? A few seconds right? 
Now, here come the scenario, you're going back home at the midnight. Suddenly, road lamp has blacked out and it's very dark. Then you saw a vague man shadow coming nearer to you. Your mind would have send you a warning that you might be in a danger as you're not sure this guy is a robber or what. So, you'll try to sped up to unlock the gate. But, unfortunately, when there's fear, your hand might be shaking and this may slow down your speed eventually. 

4) Don't give up so easily

Don't ever ever give up anything easily. If you have done the something half way, and you wanted to give up, won't you think it's a waste and unworthy? Why don't you continue finish the other half, since you have started it and done it half way?

One will never success, if he gives up on anything easily. You can find a lot of story from those people who have succeeded in their life. One of the common winners that we know is Thomas Edison. He was a great inventor, who have developed many devices that is very useful for in our daily life, like phonograph, electric light bulb and etc. He had the never give up attitude, that leaded him to the road of success. Remember, all our dream can be true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Don't ever give up easily, when you are facing a challenge. It might be a difficult task for you to complete it, but at the same time, you will definitely receive what you deserved. Don't feel disappointed when you see someone completed the task so easily and you're still struggling. It's a task that given by God, who wants you to become stronger. And also, doing it slow doesn't mean that you're a loser! This is because you have finished it by your own and you should be proud of yourself. You will definitely improve and receive more compared to them.

One of my sister's favourite quote : "Slow process is better than never proceed"
Ya, I love this quote too :)

And also this When there's life, there's hope ;) 

Hope that it fills you with some courages and make you strong again 

Thanks for reading,
Bye See you see you next time :D

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