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What is trend ?
According to wikipedia, trend may refer to fad, including fashion trends or beauty trends.

People tends to follow some popular trend nowadays~
Those who follow the trend might say those who does not follow the trend "outdated" or "old fashion" !
BUT if all of us follow the trend blindly, without their own style or character, it might make them look worse :3

In Korea, there is one hairstyle that everyone cutting now. See Through Bangs ~
Those are some examples for the bangs, if you do not know what I'm saying! And I think that they suit this bangs. <3

Some of them did not notice that they do not suit that kind of hairstyle and they just follow the trend blindly. 

There's tutorial about how to cut and u did try. But!  then when I realised that my face does not look good on it, I just put it aside. And also I regret cutting that bangs :/ I shouldn't cut my fringe =O

Think before you do something 
I still remember what Jolin Tsai said when she came out her new album. She said that
I do not follow the trend. Because I create the trend 我不跟潮流。因为我创造潮流!
I wonder that how many strength she need, to say out this kind of word~ She is brave enough and that is why she is so famous in Taiwan and also some of the countries.

Besides that, I also realised that people nowadays like to wear skort instead of skirt. Skort refers to those pants that look like skirt. I am not sure whether it is because they think that skirt is too troublesome, because they need to wear double (a pants inside the skirt) to prevent the expose of they underwear. LOL.  Maybe Malaysia is too hot as it is 365 summer ...

Besides those fashion and beauty trends, there is also technology trends, food/place trends and challenge trends. I will show you some of the examples here ~

When iPhone 6 just newly launched in US (I think ~). Most of the people are crazy over it.  I have even read the newspaper reported that there's people lining up outside the store few days before the iPhone 6 launched. I was like WHAT!? Are they crazy or they have nothing better to do? Or is iPhone6 that good that worth them doing this?

Some even pay the money just to stand in front of the row! Is that necessary? I wonder.... Is that what they want to show off? Like OH I got the iPhone6 first and you haven't -.-''' Oh well, at least, I will never do this kind of thing :P NEVER do this stupid thing. If I really want to buy, I will just wait it, I am that kind of person who do not like to line up :P Maybe I will just order and wait it patiently at home. Hehehe ^.^

I have even heard that some people went to Australia or other country just to buy it as some of the countries like Malaysia, always need to wait a few month to be launched. Malaysia is always slow =3 They pay so much on the plane just to go and buy a phone? Are you kidding me? Okay maybe they are rich ~ That is why they can do this kind of thing .. BLEK !

On 13th of January, there is this event called 1600 Pandas Exhibition at Publika Mall in Kuala Lumpur. It is to promote the environmental conservation to the public. So, it is kind of a good trend I think ~ (Can it called trend? Haha I am not sure '':D) A lot of people went to Publika just to snap a photo of these 1600 paper pandas. And it helps a lot of people know that panda is facing extinction, as 1600 pandas are left in this world.

If you guys still remember, Few months ago, there is a trend about ALS ice bucket challenge
And everyone keep on nominating people to continue the game, but who really do donate money to the ALS organisation? I know some people might donate, but.....some just having fun playing with the ice water....

But .....Even though some people just having fun playing this ice bucket challenge, it helps to spread the news to the whole world by posting a video in media social. HMM.....Media social is such a powerful tool. And also this helps more people to know more about ALS this disease.

So, this is some sort of my "thoughts" about the trend. How about you? Hope that I did not offend you if I have written something wrong :P

Bye and See you in the next post ;)

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