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After reading some of the popular blogers' blogs these days, I found that my blog is mostly about food and review. I have forgotten the main reason I have started blog~ to record my life and make it like my personal diary.

I am not sure whether it's because blog is too publicity that I don't want to share things that are too private or my life is just too boring that I have nothing to write.....

Sem break should be one of the greatest thing in college but sometimes people will die because of boringness~ Like me, I have nothing to do at home last few months and I keep repeating the same thing. It's no use to keep repeating the same thing everyday right? And I am sure that no one will read it, neither I :P

I have started to write my diary in dayre since 2013. And I feel like I have lost my passion of writting a diary about my life. I want to get back that passion like when I started to write. I have a low English base and sometimes I scared to express my feeling using English.

I'm the kind of people who hardly express my feeling to anyone, besides my younger sister. I think it's because I don't trust anyone? Maybe it's because she trusts me too and she told me everything about her, either her troubles or happiness.

When my younger sister is not around me. I tends to express my feeling using words(NO vulgar word, just some feelings), like writting dairy, or blog. But I always wrote in mandarin. Because I can't write all the details as I have a shortage of vocabulary. 

Reading back some of my dayre, I feels like .......

Sometime, it's quite unmotivated when there's no one reading it :3 the same time, I tend to write more as no one will know my secret :P It's like my little space of secret :P Maybe I can write something personal one in Dayre; hmm it might be a good idea for me ^.^

So, since I have discovered my problem, I should change! Change more to be myself and blog about my life. I wonder after few years later when I read back my preious blog, will I be laughing at what I have written when I was young? Hahah~

Orientation just started and I think my life will be more awesome than sem break. Hmm, and more stress too >.< 

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