Suen's Big Day @Garage51, Sunway

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Hui Suen... Hmm If you ask me to describe my friend, Hui Suen, I will say that she is our pistachio 开心果, who always bring happiness to us ;) She seems like she doesn't have anything to worry. But I know that she just doesn't want us to worry about her. She always say her worries in a not serious tone, and take things easily.

I just hope that she's not the kind of people, who smile brightly, but sad inside. You're not this kind of person right? Suen~

She's pretty right ? ^.^ Wondering why is she still single :3 Go and read her blog if you're interested in her ;) A little sneak peak into my life 

So, on 6th Feb, we decided to give Suen an advanced birthday surprise by inviting her secondary girlfriends without her knowledge. We have reserved a table of 10 people, but then 2 people couldn't come at the last minute. 

At first, she was damn scared and thought that we have invited her other Mufy friends, who are not so close with her. And she keep asking us whether she knew them or no. Because those who are close with her are either not free or it's already at Garage51 with her. So she's damn worried and then........

Her eyes went red ! =O Know what happened? 

She was damn surprised to see her secondary girlfriends appeared in the Cafe ! Which mean that the surprise succeeded ! =D They came in with a small birthday cake and we sang the birthday song together. Hahaha no need to thank us Suen ;) And we knew that you have thousands words to say but they just stuck in your mouth. We knew that you're touched. ;)

After planning so many surprise party for our friends, this is the first one that success this year 2015. And we are happy that it came out the way we wanted it to be. ^.^

The birthday girl looks so happy in this picture. All of us look happy here except the PeiRu XD Pattern banyak (A lot of pattern) 

Me and my Homemade Chicken Lasagna (Rm18)

Suen's Smoked Salmon Aglio Olio (Rm22)

They have not much choices for dinner. More about brunch. :) You can go and try it one day if you're studying at Sunway or Monash.

Address: N0.51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway 46150 Selangor. It's sister/brother company of CoffeeSociete and UndergroundSociete

They can't live without phone XD Neither I :P #candid #fotd

The award of joker in 2015 goes to......HUI SUEN XD
Sorry Suen :P

A group selfie using Shi Kei's iphone6 <3

 It is good to have a selfie stick and a ear phone when you want to take a group selfie ;)

Toothache Pose XD 

 OOTD. The skater and bodycon gang :)

Individual's OOTD before we leave the place

Thanks to Jin for the candid shot, while helping my friend to take picture ;)

Opps ~ >.< Hehehe

You know we love you Suen :3 And will always love you <3 Muack ~

#0802 ;)

After we finished taking 100++ of photos, we decided to go to Inside Scoop for a women's night talk :D Something interesting happened when we're there

Stay tuned if you want to know what happened. Bye :)

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