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Hey yo, long time no see, this is going to be a review for the Namoo Korean food. 

Do you still remember that I went to Publika few weeks ago with a bunch of my girlfriends? 
Ya, we went to Namoo to have our lunch. I have forgotten to blog about this and so I am going to blog now. Nothing is never too late to do ;) 

If you said that Publika is full of restaurant or cafe, you're partially right. Why do I say that?
It's because there's not much nice cafe there and there is some outlets in PJ for some of the nice cafe. So why do you need to go so far just to go for that cafe? (Cafes like The Library,and Coffee Societie)

After walking around the mall, we are already exhausted. The mall is not big, but the problem is, I can't remember where's the place. Like I can't remember where The RedBeanBag is, even though I hove gone there before. The buildings are looked the same in my eyes~

When we have given up finding where to have our lunch, we saw this Namoo restaurant just beside of us. So we didn't think much and just walked in there. We're starving d....

From their menu, I know that Namoo is an authentic korean with a modern-twist restaurant. 
And the name Namoo, means "tree" in korean. 
Their food is made from a group of korean with local know how&expertise.
(Nowonder I saw a lot of pretty Koreans there la~)

A group photo was taken while we're waiting for our food. 

Love their quote there. 
We can never make the same mistake twice, Because the second time you make it, It is not a mistake, It is a choice !

I will never forget to take a selfie :P #shamelessselfie 

So, let's see what we have ordered 
We have ordered 3 dishes as 2 of them have eaten their lunch. And we shared the 3 dishes so that we can try all of them in one shot ;)

Dakgalbi Rice (Rm19.90) 
A special korean spicy with savory sauce mixed tender chicken rib with rice.
It doesn't look good but surprisingly it taste better than its look! And it's not very spicy for me. You can give it a try :)

For those who prefer western food more, you can choose this Taco. They provide different kinds of Taco and we have ordered this Kimchi chicken Taco (RM20.90). 
It's made up of korean fried kimchi and grilled chicken with spicy and savoury sauce, rolled in warm mozzarella cheese and tortilla. 

This is something like Omelette Rice. 
But it's called as White Cream Omuto (Rm19.90) because they have added cream sauce at the top of the Omelette. For this you can choose within chicken or prawn. And we have ordered the prawn one. ^.^

Took a picture of this because I think that their tissue is cute :D

Interior deign......

A short comic that they have made

Just outside Namoo, there's a small garden/park for the children to play
And we won't miss the chance to take our OOTD ~

Namoo is located at 2nd floor of Solaris Publika ,1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur. 

To contact/reserve : 03-6411 6698

Facebook : Click here 

Thanks for reading ;) Bye 

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