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Hey there :) I have been blogging recently as my class haven't started yet :D You might want to say that wow why so good one ah your school. You have been holidays for more than 3 months ( nearly 4 months) ! YES ! It is true and I feel grateful and sad at the same time ~ As I can have more time spending on my blog and for my family but less time for my friends :P ( Not staying at home sleep, eat and play meh :P) Hahaha ... No ! Definitely no la. Maybe some of the days la. Aiyo I love staying at home ma :D I am 宅女 :P (refers to those women who love staying at home and do not like to go out site).

You know why I love staying at home ? There is quite some reasons why I like to stay at home. First, home is always the most comfortable place. You might say that a hotel is more comfortable because there is room service, and you do not need to clean the room yourself. But, a home, is more comfortable because you can do whatever you want and all your things are there. It is also more comfortable even though it is messy and dirty. Don't you agree ? :P

Secondly, staying at home, can save money. If you go out, you might spend money. You know~ Girls being girls, always like to shop. Okay la, if you do not like to shop, you might want to eat right? And there is a lot of new cafe coming out now! Women can't endure nice food one! You know ? You know ? If you don't know, now you know right !

Thirdly, we women always like to complain "I have nothing to wear >.<". Every time we go out, we might spend timesss... finding clothes. And end up, still do not know what to wear, even though our closet is full of clothes :P The reason we said we have nothing to wear, is because, those clothes in our closet, we have worn it a few times d ! And we do not want to let people have that expression like Oh she wore that clothes few days or few months ago. Guys! Don't laugh! This is girls! XP

*I am referring most of the girls, including myself, NOT ALL. There is also some small portion of girls do not act like this la.

LOL I think I have said too much rubbish d. Until this post is full of words~ Haha. You can just ignore it. never mind, it is okay to ignore my tirade XD I understand that you might lazy to read it, as I am the kind of person who are lazy to read too :P I prefer pictures more. And that is why I posted more pictures than words.

Okay ! Back to the topic. Since my holidays haven't ended yet, you might say that I will still go out a few times right? Or not, I will become a smelly rotten egg.. Kakaka~ (not funny -.-). Yes, you are right! I was actually waiting my friends to jio me out. (Walao, you don't know how to jio people meh? Want people to jio you first). Aherm ! Actually, it is not that I don't want to jio them! It is because they haven't sen break! 


So, after waiting for "centuries", my friends finally jio me d XD We went to have some dessert at Library Cafe, which is located at Publika Mall and had a long time chit chat-ing there. Girls have a lot of things to say one. From school to fashion, from fashion to food, from food to memories, from memories back to school again XD. I also don't know why we girls have so much to say. :P 

Library Cafe is actually a very nice place to go. Either you want to stay alone, doing assessment or/ have a nice time with your babe. The environment is very comfort just like you are staying in the library ^.^

Every outlet of Library Cafe is full of books. And there is more than 10 outlets in Malaysia, including Sunway Pyramid, Damansara Uptown, Sunway Giza, Damansara Perdana, IOI city mall and more ~ 

Selfie. Selfie. Keep taking selfie XD Trying to anti-social ah? haha 


Okay, now I am going to share what we have ordered there 
This is their Tiramisu crepes (RM12), which I have wanted to try very long ago. One of my friends recommended me to try their tiramisu crepes and I am glad that it didn't disappoint me ;D
It is really delicious and I might order it again if I go Library cafe again <3 

 This is their waffle, which the cafe's owner recommended to us. It is a fresh fruit waffle (Rm13.50) added with a scoop of vanilla ice cream(+RM2) and chocolate syrup. Their blueberries are really fresh and sweet. (You can choose whether to have fruits or no and they have 3 types of fruits only, which is strawberry, blueberry and banana) Like it to the max <3 Never regret ordered this although it is quite pricy :D 

For more info, please click their official Facebook account Here

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