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Let's continue the story~

After having our dinner at Garage51, we went to Inside Scoop to enjoy our dessert.

So, what happened when we're in Inside Scoop?
The interesting part is, one of my friends found that there's this guy, who's working at the Cafe, looks cute. And she wanted to know his name. Haha...creepy right? I just found it creepy if someone, unanimous came and ask for my name. 

After knowing his name, my friend requested for his photo. Then, I was like... Are you serious?
I found him looking okay only. Not like VERY cute la. But my friend just insist of wanting his picture. So we faster grab our phone and act like taking selfie XP 

A blur picture of him, that I took for her  ><D 

We stayed-up until 12am that day. Just to wait until the cafe closed =D Crazy right ? I really don't understand why is she so attracted to him. 

Before we leave, Hui Suen went and asked for his Facebook account and I got the feeling that the guy will be very scared if he saw us again :P Haha no joke ! We this gang of girls are too scary d. (YOLO~) Haha... The girl who got his Facebook account will have to treat Hui Suen as Suen had made her a big favour. I am not sure what she will do after got his account :P 

Now is my review for Inside Scoop 
 Inside Scoop is filled of people, even though it's night! We went there at around 9pm and some of the people came here after work. [Friday night ma~ Let's have fun]

 I love their interior design. So creative and pretty <3 But just a little small

Their art wall ^.^

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of the all? :P Took an OOTD selfie there XD

They have more than 10 types of flavour of ice-cream, including Durian, Raspberry Yoghourt, Valrhona Choc, Horlick, Cookies and Cream, Bandungs, Almond Butterscotch, Milo Dinosaur, Choc Cookies Dough, Cempedak, Salted Caramel, Smoked Cognac, and Nutty Nutella flavour. 

Most of their ice-cream are quite nice and this made me don't know what which one to choose after trying almost all of them :P And I am quite Paiseh there as I still couldn't decide after standing there so long. *awkward laugh*

Found this at their counter there X) So cute . Boys are a better tippers or Girls ?

Took a photo with their number, while waiting for our waffle C=

I felt so hungry now. Blogging about food in the midnight :O 
Their ice-cream waffle are quite pricy, so I have shared this with my friend. We ordered the Valrhona Choc and Smoked Cognac combined with the waffle. Their waffle is like <3 <3 Why is it so expensive :( 

I love their Valrhona Choc as it's not so sweet nor bitter ^.^ The taste is just right and I love it <3
For the Smoked Cognac, it's like mixing the choc and Hennessy. Yup! It contained a bit of alcohol in it. Their alcohol is not very strong and it's like perfect combining with choc ^.^

A single scoop of ice-cream is Rm7.80. Double scoop is RM12.80. And Triple scoop is Rm17.50

If it has waffle, then single scoop will be Rm13.80. Double scoop is Rm 17.80. And triple scoop is Rm21.50

*Additional Rm1.50 is added to premium flavour, which have the star one. But almost all of them have the star :/ 

Took a selfie with my 6years+ BFF ^.^

After we finished our waffles, we put down our phone and started to have a deep but not so deep girl's talk. We have talked about what we have done recently and gossiped around :P Unfortunately, this doesn't last long as the time flies and out parents called us to go back d :/

Hope that I can see you guys soon and I really enjoyed the night ;) 

Oh Btw, to know more information, search their FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM  #insidescoopkl
It is located at the same row of the famous Jing Xuan Dim Sum and there's another outlet at Bangsar

Okay, time to sleep ~ good night love <3

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