I want this kind of long hair <3

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HI, it's me again ^.^ This is how my hair look like currently =)

I would like to ask you guys a question. 
Who likes long hair and has long hair like the pictures below?
As you know, I have a not so long hair and they're quite thin. :/

I wonder why is my gene so different from my sister and cousins :3
I don't mind they have a slimmer face or a sexier body shape than me (Actually I mind :P)
But, at least give me a volume of hair so that I can cover those fats >.<

My sister's super long hair

My cousin, Wen QI, Malacca leng lui :D 

Below are just some of the hair length/style I really like <3
My best friend, You Jin. We know each other since 2009

My college friend, Shi Kei

One of my favourite bloggers, XiaXue
I really want to try on dying my hair in pink or some bright colour. #YOLO

And also Pei Shi ^.^

Girls are prettier with long hair right?

Make a guess, who is this =)


Don't hesitate ! Yes, it's me :P Me, with my long hair. 
I regretted for chopping off my long hair and now they can't grow longer =( 
But, I think I will still cut my hair if I still have a chance to go back the time.
But, i won't cut it until so short la ....
I still can remember that the reason why I cut it off is
 because I have gotten bored with my long hair and I wanted to change a new hair style. 

I really don't know what happened to my hair >.< They just can't grow well.
I wanted to have a long, thick and healthy hair, so that I can dye and curl my hair.

I know that having a long and thick hair is a quite troublesome thing. 
I KNOW!! because I used to have that kind of hair.
I felt so fresh and release when i first chopped off my waist-length hair. 
It's like I have wore a wig for so long and now I have removed them. 

Before I had my hair-cut, I have tons of problem regarding my hair
like, split-ends, dry hair and one thing that I really hate is
 to wash my hair and pick up all the hairs that dropped on the floor.

If you ask me, do I hesitate when I cut my hair? 
My answer would be a definitely NO
You know why? 
Because I have fed-up of maintain my long hair and 
I believed that my hair will grow back to the same length 

But the truth is, I will never get back them anymore >.<
My friend asked me to go YunNam and check what happened to my scalp.
It's so so so expensive and I think I haven't reached the level that I have to go there :P 

BTW, it's just one of my #2015wishlist and I really hope that I can have long and thick hair, where I can do kinds of hairstyle 


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