Cookies mixed with chocolate

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After baking the London Almond Cookies acted with chocolate, do you still left a lot of cornflakes and nibbed almond?

Here, I am going to share this super easy recipe on how to make a CNY cookies for your family ;)
It's really easy to make. Like REALLY easy :D

First, you will have to need
1) 250 grams of cornflake
2) 250 grams of baked nibbed cashew nut
3)250 grams of baked nibbed almond
4) 500 grams of semi-sweet compound chocolate

P.s You can just put cornflake only if you found that mixing those nuts are quite troublesome.
It will still taste nice without the nuts ;)


1) Melt the chocolate on the boiled water

 2) Mix all the cornflakes and nuts to the melted chocolate

3)  Place them into a small paper cup
 4) Wait them to dry

5) Place them into a container

P.s You can put them ingot the freezer if you want :)

And they are ready to be served

My friend have recommend me to change the chocolate into honey. 

They said that the methods are the same, it's just that change the choc to honey and bake it for awhile, so that the honey will dry faster. 

I haven't tried it out yet. But I feel like baking it next time. If you have baked it, share it with me ;) I will be glad to hear it soon as this shows that someone is reading my blog ^.^ 

Bye ~

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