Chinese New Year 拜年

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Yesterday (CNY Chor 5), my friends and I have organised a yearly Bai Nian* reunion with my secondary friend.  
Yay! I was damn excited as it's been awhile I didn't see them ^.^
Just a bit of disappointment as one of the gang cannot make it :/

I am the driver of the day as I am the only one who owns a car ^.^ Hehehe although it's just a small MyV but it means a lot to me as it brings me everywhere I want to go :D 

So, our first stop is at Pui Eng's house. (The second from the right with a red top girl)
We gambled for awhile and I was quite lucky when playing Black Jack. 
But my destiny changed when we played In Between :O 
Fortunately, I didn't lose a lot la. Hehe XD

Took some selfie before we go to the 2nd stop. *Pattern banyaknya~* =D

The 2nd stop we go is to Mun Yee's house (the one from the right with a spec on it). She's actually a half korean but she doesn't know how to speaks korean XD But she's learning now la and it's never too late to learn something ;) We played some poker card games while watching running man and eat seaweed. That seaweed is really nice <3 It's imported from Korea and you can hardly find it in Malaysia!

Then we went to Hiew Kei's house (the second from the left in the first photo). Her mom's very friendly and she keeps on giving us CNY cookies, mandarin oranges, choc and soft drink, which make us very full :D We didn't gamble at there but we ate a lot ^.^

After stayed there for an hour, they all came to my house. They tried all of the cookies my mom and I made, and gave some comments on the cookies. Then we gossiped for awhile and went to eat our dinner at uptown. They have treated me dinner as I drove them go around to bai nian.
Thanks people <3 

Dessert at Dal Komm Coffee after our dinner and continue gossiping ~ XD
Apple crumble is their best seller and I have written a review about dalKomm before

My little cute friend, MunYee is pretty right? XD Don't know what she's doing and keep on smiling at her phone ......Hahahhaha

Used the FishEye Camera to take group-fie :)

They didn't know what the love-shaped hand means ! They thought that it's a symbol of wanting money XD LOL
Actually I learnt that from G-dragon <3. But I can't find the photo of GD back =0

Oh BTW if you're wondering why is it less one person, Pui Eng had gone back as she can't have dinner with us #YOLO 
Taking group-fie like no one is in the cafe XP

I look so slim here <3 hehe

We went to our last stop, Wai Kim's house ( the long hair girl with white top). We have a great night there chit-chatting about relationships and life ^.^

It's great to hear that they had someone who cares so much about them. And this make me jealous that why I haven't found mine :/ 

We can't keen on something that do not belong to us, the only thing we can do is to wait, wait the right person to come and I believe that mine will appear eventually one day <3 

Kay, that's all for today~ Bye =D

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