Reflects on haters

by - 2:30 AM

Yo peeps, recently, I saw some haters writing some bullshyt thingy on some of bloggers' pictures and insulted them using vulgar words . They even wrote blogs about things that are not true and trying to make the bloggers' images go worst, while at the same time making their blog 'popular'. 

I really don't understand and don't know what to say about this kind of haters. If they don't like them, then just ignore them and leave them alone, why are they poking them at their behind ? Or report their Instagram as a spam ? 

One of the haters even mentioned that she/he is more popular than xiaxue ( are you kidding me 😒) , cuter than speshi, sexier than Naomi and more ~ omg I don't know how to describe her d. She is just trying to make herself to become a b*tch. And I don't see any of her picture in her blog/Instagram , which mean that she don't even dare to post up a picture of herself ( feel so shame about your face? ) 

Moreover , what she wrote on her blogs are Fuxk, cheexxx and other vulgar language. There's no prove about her writing ~ And one more thing, she claimed that she's a celebrity blogger, while I think that she's just an uneducated, disgusting, ugly, trying to get attention and horrible person. 

I'm not going to state who are those haters, and I'm not pointing you are those people, if you are reading my post. I'm not going to make you popular :P 

I understand that everyone has haters, even though they didn't do anything to you, but you just dislike her, maybe on the way they act or speak. You can dislike a person, but just don't hate them. It's not a great choice to hate a person in your life. How many 10 year do you have to hate a person ? 

Someone said that you hate them might because of they're doing better than you, and that's why you are jealous. But trust me, things don't come easily. They might have suffered before they succeed . And trust yourself that you can become like them one day or maybe better than them. You can definitely learn some great things from them because everyone surely have good quality in it. 

When I say succeed, it doesn't mean that you think that you are popular or what. The definition of popular is liked or admired by many people in a GOOD way. ( not infamous ! Which mean that well known for bad quality or deed) 

It's not a great thing to admire or follow those who are infamous. They're just trying to become famous when they're insulting people who are better than them. They thought that this will make them fabulous and famous, while this only will make them infamous and hated by more people ~ 

What you do reflects who you are. 
And If you think that who you are, then you'll become that kind of person 

* I'm not sure whether I have hater and I apologize if I have said something wrong * 

Lastly, here's one of the photo that I have taken and edited by pitu* . I can now take pretty photos without learning make up XD Don't hate me pls ~ 

Have a nice day ;) 

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