Important people in my life

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Family is like a music, some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song and cannot be separated.

I'm very grateful to have a family that will always by my side no matter what. There's always argument among a family. But after arguments, they are still family, and will still stay together. I fight with my sisters a lot and sometimes we never talk to each other for a day, but we still love each other which taught us to forgive. I hated my parents for forcing me doing things that I do not like, but I think that I am lucky enough to have such parents who corrected my attitude when I was wrong. 

A typical Chinese is always Gia Shu( scared to lose). And I have those typical Chinese parents ~ When I was 4, they sent me to kindergarten and bought story books for us to read. Then later, I have buns of tuition classes waiting for me after school. I blamed my parents for stealing my childhood away and I have less childhood compared to others. NOW, I do not blame them any more. 

The words my parents always say, you will be thankful when you grew up! Yes ! It is true. I am very thankful for what they have done to me silently. They can just leave us alone and do not spend any money for our tuition fees. But they did not give up on us and accepted our blames, our childishness. Because they knew that we will surely thank them one day. They have confidence on us because we are their daughter. What I can say is, they know us well, always.  

What inspired me to write this post? Of course of something that happened recently ~

One of my uncle'a son is form5 this year( 17years old, 2015). He stopped his studies and didn't want to take his last year of studies in secondary school. Therefore he would not receive any certificate from secondary school. And now he's working in the factory. If he studied one more last year, he might get the leaving certificate and certificate for SPM even though he didn't pass all of the subjects. But at least, he got the qualification until SPM and it might sound nicer when you go to apply a job.

 The education that my parents have given me, is the most precious treasure that I got from them. Thanks for bringing me up that well....

The other thing that made me feel grateful about my parents is that my personality that my parents have corrected me. My parents have taught me a lot of attitudes that we must have and must not have. I have heard too many news about having marriage at 18years old (In Malaysia, one can only marry after 18) because of pregnancy. They were forced to marry in this young age because of what mistakes they have done. Fortunately, they do not have abortion which is very sinful.

So here comes the end of my blog. Hope you guys enjoy reading <3 

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