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After I had finished the project for P&G products as a promoter in Guardian, One Utama, I received another job promoting Physiogel !

What is Physiogel?
Physiogel is the no.1 dermatologist recommended moisturiser brand that is hypo-allergenic, soap free, non-comedogenic, no colorants, no perfume and no preservative, which is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It is produced by Stiefel Laboratory and is already in Malaysia for 9years.

What is Stiefel Lab?
Stiefel Lab is a science laboratory that have been operated for more than 167 years in 132 countries. It is one of the global leaders in field of dermatology and is renowned in the field of skin health. It is now one of the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) group.

Thanks to Physiogel for giving me the sample set so that I can try on it. I have used their lotion and it is moisture in texture. I just need to apply a thin film twice a day after bath for the whole body, included face. And the package of sample is big enough for me to do so.

Did you know ?
One of the fundamental divers of healthy skin is an intact lipid barrier

In healthy skin,
An intact lipid barrier provides a robust barrier to allergens and irritants and protects skin cells from moisture loss.

In dry skin,
A disrupted skin lipid barrier leads to high transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and dry skin. Allergens and irritants can penetrate, making skin feel uncomfortable, irritate and itchy.

Physiogel moisturizing creams are based on the BioMimic Technology that works naturally with dry and sensitive skin

It can help to repair the skin's lipid barrier and replace the missing lipids to restore skin to its natural condition.
It can also strengthen the skin's lipid barrier and help to keep the moisture in and irritants out and make skin less sensitive.

Physiogel Product Range

90% of Physiogel users felt the products had a beneficial effect on dry, sensitive and irritated skin after 2 and 4 weeks of application

Last but not least, you can get Physiogel from Caring Pharmacy, and Guardian
To know more about Physiogel, search their website HERE 

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