Fried Seaweed Snack

by - 2:00 AM

Today, I am going to share Chinese New Year snack that my mom does every year. It is not necessary to make it when CNY, but whenever you feel like doing it. Unlike the cookies, this fried seaweed snack is very easy to do and tasty to eat <3

First, let see what so we need ~ 

1) Popiah skin
2) a mixture of normal flour(tepung gandum) and water. It must be dilute

You can change the dilute floor into egg white if you want :)
 3) Large size of seaweed ( The one that used to roll shushi)
4)cooking oil

And that's it. Easy ? :D

 Now Let's See How Am I Going To Make It Tasty ^.^

1) First, place the popiah skin on the clean table

2) Apply some dilute flour/egg white on the popiah skin

 3) Stick the seaweed on the side where you apply the dilute flour
 4) Cut it  into small pieces like the one you bought in the supermarket
5) Deep fry it about 2-3 minutes until it became yellowish brown

THE END ! Easy right? You can make as much as you want and the ingredients are not expensive . If you bought it in the supermarket, it needs around Rm15. But if you made it yourself, you can save REALLY A LOT !! 

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