Dal Komm Coffee @Damansara Uptown

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In the year of 2014 (aka last year), I have planned with my cousin sister to have an outing to A Pie Thing Cafe to try out their food. 

I think we do not have the fate with that cafe although it is so near our house. The first time we wanted to go, it is Winter Solstice Festival, and our grandma asked us to come over her house to eat Tang Yuan. The second time we wanted to go, it is Monday, and it does not open in every Monday. (We found out that after we reaching there)

We did not feel like going back after we came out. At least we have to try other things out or do something right? Since we have came to Uptown~

And then, we found out this Coffee shop, Dal.Komm Coffee <3

The interior design of the coffee shop.................
This is their cashier, where you can order you cake, beverage or bingsu here

The other side of the cashier

It is very quite here, playing some soft music for us to enjoy. It is their motto to blend the music and life together <3

They provide variety of coffees and non-coffee too

Macchiato, Affogato (Rm10);
 Cappucino, Caffe Latte (Rm10.50);
Mocha Latte (RM12);
Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla Latte (Rm12.50)

Chocolate, Green Tea Latte, Royal Milk Tea (RM12.50)

Dal Komm is not only popular for their coffee, but also their Bingsu. Coffee Cube Bingsu (Rm15.90), Apple Crumble Bingsu (Rm15.90), Lemon Dazzling Bingsu (Rm18.90), Choco Lava Bingsu (Rm18.90), Grapefruit Bingsu (Rm12.90), Blueberry Deluxe Bingsu (Rm16.90), Strawberry Romance Bingsu (Rm1.90)

 Their best sellers are always the Apple Crumble Bingsu and Grapefruit Bingsu.

Took an OOTD at their stairs, which make my legs long in the picture <3

The interior design of the 2nd floor

Dal Komm also provided Ipad mini and headphone for those who are without accompany ~

It looks like salmon bingsu right ? But it is actually Grapefruit Bingsu~ If you tried Cafe Bene before, and you think that Bingsu is always full of tasteless ice, then you are wrong ! At least the Bingsu in Dal Komm is not only tasteless ice, they have added some condensed milk in the ice which make the whole Bingsu tasty <3

This is one of their best sellers, Apple Crumble Bingsu. You might think that it does not look nice or what, but I can guarantee to you that it is worth for you to try it out! I would like to say that it is better than Grapefruit Bingsu. 
Do not judge the food by its appearance  

*Not a good hair day >.< 

Information Time 

Address : 61, Jalan ss21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Dal Komm official website : http://www.dalkomm.com.my/

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