Chequers @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

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Few days before the New Year, my friends and I planned an outing to have a small meet up season.....

After searching the google, we found this cafe names chequers and the foods look nice in the pictures. So we decided to have a try on it and see whether it's really that nice in the picture. 

Photo taken from the website, eatdrinkkl 

This cafe provides variety flavors of waffle and the workers there are very friendly. After seeing us having a hard time deciding what to order, the person who's incharge of the cafe came to us and recommended some of their best sellers to us. 

All of us ordered some of their best sellers so that we can try all of them. We shared our and joyness in this cafe <3 Luckily there's no one who's OCD in food and saliva :) 

Melting moment (RM16) is my favourate of all. It's a combination of chocolate waffle, deep-fried banana with caramel, a spoon of vanilla ice cream with chocolate powder, and a strawberry dip on a chocolate sauce to decorate the plate. <3 

If you like sour taste, you might not want to miss this Sticky Stack (Rm16). It's a combination of waffle, mango, some berry jam (kinda) and mango ice cream with sprinkle of oats.

If you think they are too small portion for you, you might want to try this Double Deck Croque Monsieur (Rm17). It's combination of 2 waffles, instead of one, 2 poached eggs with sprinkles of sesame, some lettuce and their homemade sauce. 

If you're a meat eater, you can order this Down Home Benny (Rm18). It's a combination of waffle, some bacons, poached eggs, avocado with their special sauce and some arugula to decorate the plate. It's some kind is egg Benedict ;) 

I'm not sure whether it's latte or mocha. But their price is the same, which is Rm10. 

It's still Christmas theme when I went there and so we won't miss out the photo time when we have the chance. 

My outfit of that day ~ simple and nice!? 

The one who always take the picture in the front as her face is the slimmest one . :D 

Pretty legs huh !? Trying to stretch our legs out so that they look long ^.^

The workers in Chequers are very helpful too. They helped us to take our group photo without hesitate.

Information time ~
This Chequers cafe is located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail and this cafe is facing road side, therefore it's not hard for us to find ;) 

Full address : 153 Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur 

Contact : 03- 7733 3068

Instagram : ChequersKL

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