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Thank God ! It's Friday ~ Most of the Malaysian love Friday! Don't you agree? Although today's not a Friday but rather a blue Monday, I'm going to blog about TGIFridays so that you can feel a bit of the happiness of the Friday :) Hope so ~ 

I believe that most of the Malaysians have came to TGIFridays before as their food is not that pricy compared to other restaurant. Besides that, their food is came in a big portion, where you can share with your partner if you have a small stomach ^.^

In here, it's always Friday πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ come and have an hour or maybe 2 hours of lunch/dinner here to enjoy the Friday's life, even though that day is not a Friday. I believe that you may feel differently when you are in TGIFriday ;)

My family and I have ordered this Fried Mozzarella (RM18.90) for our starter. The mozzarella cheese is coated in an Intalian-style breading, then deep-fried into crispy golden brown color. If you love cheese like me, you may not want to lose the chance to try this out. This is very cheeesy and tasty, matching with their marinara sauce. 

Beef Bacon Cheese Burger (Rm25.90). It is all beef patty covered with melted Colby cheese, crispy beef strips with classic fixings and served with fries. It is one of the hand crafted burgers and if you do not mind of getting your hand dirty, it is better for you to use two hands to eat. 

My favourite meat platter in TGIFridays is Ribs (Rm59.90) ! It is seasoned with the Cajun and slow cooked until it is tender and juicy. I love how it is mixed and matched with the sauce, which made the ribs so delicious, and the crispy fries and coleslaw, which made the nutrition baanced and fresh. [Highly recommended this to you guys ;)]

My younger sister's favourite ! She always ordered Fish and Chips ( RM29.90) whenever we go to a western food restaurant. The fish fillet is battered and fried into golden brown, served with fries and tartan sauce ~

Selfie time <3
After we finished our dinner, we had our selfie time to digest all the food that we have eaten ..... What a leisure life =D

Dady and Mummy also know how to take selfie 0.0 This had impressed all of us (3 of their daughters) kekeke....

WAaaaaa.... High angle also know ? XD Modern dad and mom

Therefore, we also followed up their steps and took selfie ^.^ ( took the photo with my younger sister using her iphone 4.....blur~ ) 

Elder sister is just too shy .... Hahahah. Maybe it is because she didn't make up on that day? =P

Good News !!
Now I have good news for you guys ~

There is more than 5 outlets of TGIFridays in Malaysia ( Paradigm Mall, One Utama shopping mall, Pavillion, Hartamas Shopping Mall, The Garden Midvalley and etc)

And TGIFridays wants to thank people who supported them by giving them 6 cash voucher worth Rm300 each to Nuffnangers who can take the best picture of their meat platter. Therefore, I also gave myself a chance to win that ^.^

For more information ,please click Here . Good luck peeps ~

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