Summary of 2014

by - 10:41 AM

Today is the last day of 2014, not the last of my life yet ! It's rather a new start yo ~ 

Wanted to go and count down with my friends but ....... I hate traffic jam ! ! 

Oh well, therefore I'm here, at my lovely home, blogging and stay accompany with my beloved family <3 feel the love ya ~ 

I sound so high huh !? Hmm~ maybe I'm excited. I'm looking forward to 2015, a better year ! Hope so ~ maybe it'll be more challenging ? 

Before the year ends, I would like to wish all of you an advance happy new year and stay healthy as always <3 

So let's see what I have done for this year ^.^ (all are take from my Instagram: Cheryl.bunny ) pls follow me for more updates ya ~

Was making cookies for the coming Chinese new year ^.^ My mom makes cookies every Chinese New Year and I love all her cookies πŸ˜‹

This is the first day I attending Mufy class, after I got all my books 

Meet my korean friend from Korea :) she's cute right ?

Celebrated Chinese New Year with my secondary best friends. We have promised each other to celebrate together every year :D 

My college buddy πŸ‘­

 Celebrated my 6years best friend'a birthday 😘 ( 3/3/14) 

Thought that I got after knowing the MH370 news 

My first presentation in Mufy ~ 

First trying Komugi with family <3

Younger sister'a birthday (8/4/14) 

Went to Jaya One Bazaar with them :) 

Birthday treats from my friends (10/4/14)

Birthday wishes for my friend (15/4/14)

First time donating blood :P

Freshies night in Sunway college 

Eldest sister'a birthday party <3 (17/5/14)

Celebrated her birthday with her parents (26/5/14)

Visited malacca when I was having semester break 

A movie date with my younger sister when the fault of our stars was newly out  in the theater   

First trying boat noodle with family ~ 

Mufy theme week : Monday denim, Tuesday hoodie, Wednesday rainbow, Thursday marvel vs Dc, Friday black 

Was nominated to do the ALS ice bucket challange ~ 

Followed the trend that wrote 20 facts about myself 

First trying Zaru soba at Zen sushi and addicted to it d 

First trying cafe bene's strawberry bingsu and I think that it's okay only. Not that nice 

My second presentation in Mufy ~

First trying iPhone6 and in love with the camera <3

Last day of Mufy class before final examination 

Second time donating blood and feel like addicted to it as I think that I'm losing some weight :P 

First time gone to One City Skypark 

First time driving my cousin sister to publika to have brunch with her @ The Red BeanBag

First time having a short getaway with them ~ 

First promoter job I got from PA recruitment 

First time trying BreadFruits

Singapore trip before the year ends ~ 

Hmm ~ it looks like I tried a lot of nice food and good stuff in this year. Although there's some unhappy things happened in 2014, but they're all passed. 

Let the past be the past and stay happier form now on and greet 2015 with excitement !! 

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