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Tada~ I got another promoter job for myself d. This time I am going to wear dress( This dress is quite big, which made me look fat =( . This job that I am working now required a lot of P&G products, the focus products that I have to focus are Pantene and Head&Shoulder, while the other non-focus products are Herbal Essence, Rejoice, Vidal Sassoon, Gillette, and Whisper.

Oh yea ~ This promoter job is not that easy to earn their money :/ I have to make up as well. :3 OMG I don't even know how to make up leh >.< I was informed that I have to make up after I accepted the job...... Gua Gua Gua (3 crows fly over ), hope that I don't look that bad with my 'awesome' make up .... Hahaha *laughing awkwardly :/

What do you think about my make up skills? Do you think that it is okay? I just put some BB cream, eye shadow, pink cheek and lip balm. I wanted to put some eyeliner and mascara one, but I haven't learnt how to use it. Ya...need to practice more  (Photo taken before work) Reached One Utama too early d. =P

Not trying to advertise or introduce my fossil watch, but was trying to cover my chubby face X)

But I still have a lot of fun during working xD I have met a lot of new friends over there all about the same age of mine^.^ The youngest one is only 17 years old and the oldest one is 21years old ( excluded those permanent aunty promoter la :P 
Photo taken after worked =D (The most promoter I have seen in a small Guardian store).

On the next day of my work 21st of Dec, it's one of my promoter friend's birthday ! Such a coincident ! I was thinking that maybe they're trying to fool me, but then I was wrong !

We have planned a small surprise celebration for Min Hui. Some of the promoters went back at 8pm, while Mi Hui and I is 9pm. So those who went back at 8pm will have to buy the cake and go to One World Hotel (where there some small tables and chairs for people to sit) to wait for us.

At first, I lied to Min Hui that I want to go to toilet and invited her to go with me. We went to One World Hotel (which is just beside One Utama Shopping Mall) as the washroom there is cleaner. She is so innocent that she did not suspect anything at all. Therefore, this small surprise is quite successful! 
The birthday girl, Min Hui's cake. Happy birthday Min Hui, and you're officially 20 years old now. ^.^  It's a chocolate cake from secret recipe <3 

What wishes was she making ? :) staying with her boyfriend forever and ever ? Always stay healty with her love one ? Or making tons of money in the future ? Haha :D I think those are the normal wishes that we would made. Agree ? πŸ™Œ

Min Hui and her cake. She's pretty with her big eyes right ? Happy birthday again and stay always stay beautiful and young ya ;) It's my pleasure to celebrate your birthday with you although I don't know you well ( 2 days only ). It's our faith to meet each other and celebrate your birthday together. May the God bless you ! 

Before we leave, we took a group photo as a remember 

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