Monash ! Here I come ~

by - 8:36 AM

After my final examination, I was very nervous about the result. Some of the muftians ( students who studied mufy) was relieved and went to celebrate straight after their last paper. But I wasn't relieved until my result came out. Although some of my friends comforted me and asked me not to worry about the result, I can't give them a smile, especially Economics paper. 

Before the results come out (a day before the results released ) , I had a bad dream and this made my mood worse. I dreamt that that I failed my Economics paper and this forced me to take semester 3, which is very ashamed. I didn't want it to be happened in my life and if this really happened, I will give up going to Monash University and go to other university which requirement is lower than Monash. 

My results were released on the 3rd of December, and I was very scared of opening the website to check my results. Despite my friends asked me to check and comforted me that the dream was just opposite of what it would happen, I still worried a lot.

After a few hours, after almost everyone knew their results, I braced up and have a look at the website. This surprised me and I was finally relived (like phiuh~ ~ very hard). I am not a smart ass who can score  very well. I am quite sad that I am the dumbest among my friends (Maybe I am not dumb, they are just too intelligent =3 ..... =.= stop comforting yourself . You are just too lazy =(

There is no dumb people in the world, but blur people or disabilities. (according to one of my friend)

At first, I was too shamed to tell my results or even show it to my parents. But then I slowly accepted it as this is what I deserved. I have put all of my effort to do well (Maybe not all >.<) in this examination, and I have to accept it ! I have done quite well in my 1st semester (Unit 1) as I am quite happy with the results. And I have dropped quite a lot in my semester 2 (Luckily I ngam ngam passed Economics ). I think that I took it too easy and did not study that hard. If it is possible for my friends to get a good results, why cann't I ? Therefore, don't blame other people, but yourself for not taking it serious!So, this is your LESSON, Cheryl ! Try harder next year in Monash and next year won't be an easy year . 
After the results have released, another thing came and bothered me =/ We were supposed to receive a full offer letter from Monash University and since my results are quite poor, I was worried about whether I can take the course that I want from Monash. On the 5th od Dec, one of my friend was happily told me that she had received the full offer letter from Monash via email. Then, this make me more worried. So I went to ask the other of my friends and I felt some relief when some of them have not received theirs. After hearing that, I calmed down myself and realised that there is so many students in Mufy, Monash must need some time for them to send the letter! This made me rest assured ^.^

After another 3 days, I have finally received my full offer from Monash !! I was super duper happy with it. This might be one of the best letter I received XD. 

This is the official letter that congratulated me to be a student in Monash University for bachelor of business and commerce. <3
So, the next steps that I have to do is to accept the offer letter ^.^ which I was very pleased to do. *happy die me* and all of my worry have gone. 

The certificate that I will treasure although it's just a foundation certificate. It's proved that I have fulfilled all the requirement and passed all the prescribed examinations which is one of the thing that I was proud about myself ^.^ 

This is a happy blog post where I shared my feeling and nothing can express how happy I was when I received this email. Thanks, Monash University for offering me in :) <3

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