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After staying at home doing nothing for so long, it's time to hang out with my friends and enjoy good food :D

We went to this restaurant, which is called Good Friends Restaurant & Cafe, to have our lunch. This restaurant is recommended by one of our friends and she said that it's worth for us to try :) 

This restaurant is not only for good friends but also for frenemy or maybe enemy.  Lol. 

They also have their own quote in the restaurant. Sorry for the blur photo, but it says that " if I can't serve it to my family, I would not serve it to my customer". This quote is very warm which is also quite suitable for the warm lightning design in the restaurant. 

This restaurant is also designed to be family friendly! Yup, not only for Friends ~ They provided this small little kid corner for the children to have fun when the adults are chit chating or to wait for the food to be served. 

There's this small stage in the restaurant where you can enjoy the beauty of the painting or maybe take some OOTD there. Besides that, I think the stage has its other use, where the owner of restaurant can invite some musician to play in the restaurant. So that the restaurant is surrounded with some nice and enviable music to improve the appetite of the customers. 

I think the owner has put a lot of effort in making this restaurant warm, just like the home <3 

This is their casher and can you see there's bottles and paper cup on the small table? You can go and enjoy their water which is FREE ! <3 

Everyone loves free stuff because free stuff is awesome but waste is not necessarily! Don't pour too much of water although it's free if you cannot finish it :) 

Coffee table for them to cook some fragrant and tasty coffee <3 

One of their signature coffee ~ Dutch coffee. Not much cafe have this kind of coffee. If you like Dutch coffee, you may come to this place to have a try πŸ‘ if you wanted to have a try and you did not know how to drink this kind of coffee, the waiter there is very friendly and I am sure that they will be very willing to teach you the correct method of drinking it. They have really good services and their price is reasonable too ! This Dutch coffee costs Rm12  only ~ 

Their menu with their own quote looks like magazine ~ I also realised that some of the food like pasta, you can create for your own taste. Like what paste do you want ( oliva, tomato sauce or carbonara sauce) And then what meat do you want (salmon, bacon, chicken & etc)

*Sorry for forgetting to take a picture of it =P. Hope you understand what I meant

My friend ordered this baked egg which is Rm18. It's made up of breads, tomatoes, egg,  sausages and some cheese for the topping. It's so nutrition as you can get all the carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral as well as the protein just in one dish ! I asked my friend to give me a try on her food as it smells so nice <3 I love how it's tomato sauces taste like ! It's their handmade tomato sauce and that's why it's always so fresh and tasty !

I ordered this salmon Duo Spaghetti which costs me Rm24, which is quite reasonable~ They gave me a lot of salmon fish and *if you love salmon pasta, you should order this ! The whole pasta is full of salmon taste and you would not regret on ordering this.

The only selfie that we took together ~ I look chubby here >.< haha......

And also the only selfie I took in the restaurant ~

My friend said that this snow man looks creepy but then later only I realised that there's something special about this snowman. Do you know what's the problem?
This snowman is actually made up of paper cups ~ they're so creative! Isn't it ?
When I told my friend this, she was like face palm ....... Hahaha...
Sorry la, I know that I am blur =P

* They do not have service charge πŸ‘^.^

So, do you get interested in this Restaurant & Cafe? If you wanted to know more about this restaurant, or go to invite their restaurant, 

Please contact,

15&16, Jalan SS15/8A, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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