Christmas 2014

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One more week to Christmas week :D have you guys decorated your house and your room? Or you don't celebrate Christmas just like me ? 0.o

I'm not a Christian, therefore Christmas doesn't mean anything to me but I love taking photos with the Christmas tree ( photo taken last year, using my iPhone 4 :P sorry for the bad quality )

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is famous in the western country as most of the western people are Christian. For me, Christmas is not only meant to be one of the festivals in Malaysia, it's also my aunty's big day ~ yup, her birthday is on Christmas, which is on 25th of December ! Therefore, we always celebrate her birthday and Christmas together ^.^  

Every year end, we always go abroad with the big family gang and celebrate our Christmas there. I still can remember, last two years, we went to Taiwan and we had a lot of fun there. Taiwan is really a nice place to go and I love their night market. Their night market is full of cheap and good quality stuff <3 And we cousin had promised each other to go back to Taiwan ten years later ^.^ 

Photo taken 2 years ago in one of the hotel in Taiwan. There're other cousin not in this picture. 

Another photo taken with my younger sister at Taiwan. :) 

Last year, we have our trip to Chiang Mai at Thailand. Chiang Mai is a very relax place, where you can enjoy the scenery there. It's a very cooling place which is the most attractive part to me. * Malaysia is just too hot :3 (365 summer) 

Not a fake Christmas tree, but the living plants ~ 

Okay la... If you wonder that Chiang Mai people don't celebrate Christmas, then you're wrong. I actually found this fake Christmas tree in the hotel we checked in :P ( grandma and her sister ) 

Besides that, I also remember that there is pink and white Christmas trees in the shopping mall. But I cannt find it in my phone album :( sad ~ 

( photo taken in Monash University Malaysia 2014 ) 

This year, where will I go for a vacation ? 
• • • • • • 
It's Singapore ! Where some of my aunties live there :D I miss them really much ! Especially my little cousin (which is not so little xD ) 

I'm going to the orchard road again and take a lot of pictures back. So that I can share it with you guys <3 

Besides that I also got to see this beautiful Christmas tree in Bayu Timor Restaurant Cafe in PJ . So I asked my sister to help to to take this hoot before we leave :)  

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