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Yes ! It's food post again :D I went to this cafe on the next day morning with the same friend, who called Hui Suen. She loves food and she always go and find good food every where in Malaysia. Yesterday, she brought me to Good Friends Restaurant & Cafe for lunch! And today, she found this cafe and asked me to go with her for breakfast ~ 

A simple and casual OOTD for that day morning ^.^

As you can see from the name of this cafe, you will know that this cafe is selling bread, fruits and juice. But you might not know that this cafe is also selling something which is very healthy and good for our body :)

So let me introduce their Wild Honey ~
BreadFruits cafe is not only selling bread and fresh fruits, they are also selling wild honey. They are the main distributor of the Premium Black Malaysia Wild Honey and this kind of wild honey is 100% RAW UNPROCESSED honey, which is not easy to find in the market. The bee is came from the living nature, which is also known as Wild bee. Besides that, the harvest of this honey is depend on the weather and climate of the wild rainforest, therefore, its taste will be different throughout different batch in the year.

If you wonder that what benefits that honey can bring to our body? Here I will briefly tell you some of the benefits. Honey is very good for our health, especially wild honey as wild honey are naturally from the wild bee ~ Honey can be used to heal the wounds, fight against bacteria, improve the appetite and even energize our body and etc...... Don't you think that honey is so Amazing ? <3

 The interior design of BreadFruits

They provides variety of juice for you  *From Energiser juice, Detox juice to  Natural Healing juice and if you want to create your own juice, you can ask them a favor ( provided that they must have the ingredients )

Their menu and their slogan ~ BreadFruits commits to offer 100% Natural Full Nutrient Multi Vitamin Balanced Diet <3 

My friend ordered beetroot juice which is Rm9.90 (large) * Forgot to take an individual photo of her juice =P

For me, I have ordered hot cappuccino (Rm6.80). You might wonder that they do not serve coffee as their cafe is specialized for juice. But, here I am going to tell you that they are serving espresso as well =D *You should try their Wild Honey Latte, which is their signature coffee. I regret that I did not try their Wild Honey Latte after I left that place =3 But ! Their cappuccino is very nice as I did not regret much =D And this mean that I was giving chance to go back again ^.^

If you're vegetarian, you are welcome to enjoy your breakfast here too ! They serve vegetarian food which is also full of nutrition and delicious ! You can order their Fruitti French Toast with Passion Wild Honey, which is Rm18.80. It is made up of oven baked rye bread french toast, strawberry banana, almond flake, and passion wild honey <3

Their significant breakfast ! Roasted Banana Bacon French Toast with Passion Wild Honey (Rm19.80). If you are craving for this extraordinary combination of sweet, sour, savoury bite, you might not want to lose this ! It is made up of oven baked rye bread french toast, caramelised banana, bacon, and passion wild honey. <3

This is the Wholesome Spanish Bake Egg which costs Rm17.80. Their baked beans are not the canned baked bean, where we can buy at the market. They soak, steam, and freshly baked them everyday to preserve the whole nutrient and original taste of white cannelini beans. It is a combination of homemade bake bean, egg, bacon, arugula and toasted ciabatta. 

If you love western breakfast or a juice lover, you might not want to lose the chance to visit this place ~ Are you getting excited after reading my blog ? And can't wait to go and have a try? Because now, I am going to tell you their contact :)

Tel           : 03-6201 0090
Address   : 17, Jalan 26/70A Desa Sri Hatamas ,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

*BreadFruits is open from 8:30am to 9:00pm, 7 days a week as well as public holidays. All prices are subjected to 10% dine-in service charge, which is not apply to take away order ~

Thanks for reading ^^ Have a nice day~

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