Sekeping Serendah

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Since my holidays have started, my friends and I have been thinking where to go to destress from the tension of the final examination :D 

After some discussion, we have agreed to have a short getaway to Sekeping Serendah. ^.^ Although there's some dispute among us when we are planning the trip, we tried to tolerate each other and solve it to achive a both win (win x2) result. 

We went off in the morning, around 11am, to Sekeping Serendah. Luckily there's no jam on the way there :) We had our brunch at the rest area along the highway to Sekeping. There's not much choice of food for us to choose. One of my friend and I have nasi lemak and the others have bun to fill in our stomach. 

This is the first photo I took over there. Sometimes, my friends really cannot stand me as I always take my phone to snap picture here and there ^.^ Sorry for making you guys to wait for me to take photo and thank you for tolerating me <3 love you people 😘 

The check in time was 2pm and we arrived there early. Therefore, we went to visit the whole place by walking here and there. We have explored a lot of small path ways and it's adventurous :) 

It's very nice to have a short getaway from the city 😌 The air here is very fesh and cool. Unlike the hot and smoky city. We enjoyed a lot 😊 

Selfie with all of them ^.^

Also, we won't forget about the group photo ;) πŸ“· 

The girls' group photo. We girls like to take more photos compared with guys. And I think it's one of the girl's nature. ;) See the last one~ :P I was so happy and opened my mouth so big when I was laughing 

I was trying to be creepy in that place as the place is very quiet and it makes me feel like pranking my friends xD 

Feel the nature | Feel the air 

Swim ~ is one of the activities that we can do in Sekeping ^.^ 

After swimming, it's already 6pm and all of us are starving. We took out the food that we brought and waited the people to come and prepare the fire for us to barbecue. The person who's incharged will ask us when to barbecue when he's taking us to our chalet. 

Food <3 we have prepared chicken wings, smoked bacon, cheese sausages, corns, tomatoes, lettuce and Japanese cucumbers. *we have to prepare our food as they do not provide any of the food except 3in1 milo and NescafΓ© *

After that, we have barbecued marshmallow as our dessert <3 

Selfie + Movie + Baconette strips kind of night :)

Sexy legs ~ lol xD it's a 2days 1night trip. So, after our simple breakfast, we headed back to Kuala Lumpur :) 

Last photo before we leave the place C: 

Do you want to know how our glass shed chalet looks like ?
Here's the photos 😊 
The outer design where the building is made of glasses and surrounded with trees 
The living room design where the chair is made of wire and cushion only 
The bedroom where there's 1 queen size bed and 2 single size bed and 2 extra single size bed. All of them are with mosquito nets! So you no need to worry about the mosquito will suck up all your blood xD 
The barbecue area 

It's actually a Forest living environment.
There is Outdoor shower, but you no need to worry as there's shower curtain *forgot to snap a pic of it*
There's also Cooking stove, kettle, oven toaster, BBQ equipments and cutletries, fridge and kitchen sink.

*personal items such as towels and toiletries are not provided. TV, WIFI and mobile networks are NOT available at the retreat! *
For more information, you can contact 

Tel*: 012-324 6552 (Ms Ping)

*Call hours from 8am to 7pm (Mon-Sat).
After 7pm or Sunday.


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