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Popiah is a Hokkien style of fresh spring roll. It is well known in Hokkien family where I was born ^.^ . Yes! I am a Hokkien and I love popiah, especially grandma's popiah. She has her own way on making it and it can not be compared with the popiah where we bought outside. The popiah that grandma made, is the most delicious popiah that filled with her love <3

All of us, included grandma's sisters, daughters and granddaughters, helped grandma in preparing the ingredients. It is easy but need a of patience to cut all the ingredients into small pieces. It is easier to wrap the popiah if the ingredients are all sliced as the popiah skin would not explode so easily.

We had all our ingredients prepared and started to make our own popiah!

First, we need the most important thing, which is the popiah skin. The popiah skin is very soft and thin like a crepe that made from the wheat floor. You can buy this from the supermarket. It is better to put a wet clean cloth on top of the popiah skin to prevent it to be too dry. If it the too dry, it is very hard to be peeled out.

The second important thing ! Which is the sauces ~ Without the sauce, the popiah would not be tasty. The main sauce is the sweat sauce and the chilli sauce.  The coriander and garlic are not necessary to be put in the popiah. The old generation of people like to eat popiah with coriander and garlic but the modern generation of people do not like the taste of coriander and garlic.  

The third important ingredient ! Which is the jicama ( which is also known as bangkuang) I do not know how the bangkuang was done but the only thing that I know is without the bangkuang,  it is like the pizza without the cheese <3. This bangkuang is cooked with some carrots and shrimps and maybe with some meat ;)

So from this onward, they are just sub main ingredients. You can put whatever you like and do not put whatever you do not eat. This is the uncook lettuce which is better to be put above the sauce and popiah skin but below all the other ingredients (included the bangkuang). It is like the base of the ingredients. 

The eggs ~ It has to be fried in the frying pan and cut into slices like the picture above 

The fried tofu. The tofu is cut into small pieces before it is fried in the oil. It is better to cut it before you fry it as all the surfaces of the small tofu will be fried evenly.

Erm, this is actually the long bean. I just realised that this picture is so blur :3 It is also cut into small pieces and fried in a frying pan

The small prawn. It is cooked in a boiled water. It is your choice to either fry it or boiled it :)

The bean sprout. It is also boiled in the water added with some salt

The way I wrapped my popiah on a flat plate :D It is easier to wrap the popiah if you put all the ingredients in a side.  You can aslo put some chopped peanuts or peanut powder and crispy in your popiah to make it tastier. 
So, that is all about popiah that I have learnt from my grandma. The traditional hokkien popiah ~ ^.^ Hope you like it 

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