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Holiday ~~ oh yay 

It's final break ya πŸ˜† 
Which mean that I'm no longer a college student! ( hope so~ hope that I won't fail my papers which mean that no semester 3 for me. Please πŸ™ *pray hard* )

I have been longing this holiday for like don't know how many months d. Maybe it starts from the moment of my semester 2 ? Haha ~ kidding ~ 
Maybe it's when all my assignments came in :/ 

What will I do during my 4 months holiday ? 
Ya ~ it's around 4 months of holiday ☺️ Happy siao~ 
First ~ I'll play hard ! Like really hard xD Play, Eat, Drama, Story book, Sleep and Repeat :P + a little bit of work

So, I went to PA agency to interview for part time job as I wanted to earn soMe money, so that I can continue playing ~ :D *no money, no life* :P
The PA agency was located in the Amoda building, which is located at opposite of Berjaya Time Square 
How to go there?
1. Sit the lrt to KL Central 
2. Walk a short distance of road to Monorail station 
3. Sit monorail to Imbi 
4. And there u reach Berjaya Time Square
5. Amoda building is just opposite of Time Square 

Easy right ? ^.^ oh ya, it's easier for you to bring your own touch&go. So that you no need to queue up to buy the token to sit lrt or monorail 

*If you don't know how to go to the monorail station, you can either follow the crowd or ask people ;) I asked people the first time when I wanted to go to Sungai Wang. Ya, you can sit the monorail to Sungai Wang shopping centre ( monorail to Hang Tuah) 

What to bring ?
1. Your identical card 
2. Money ( for shopping at Time Square! ) 
3. Touch&go 
4. You yourself ;) 

What to buy? 
The moment after my interview, it's already 3pm and I have no much time to shop :3 I do not want to squeeze with the people at 6pm as it's time for the office workers to knock off their work
So this is what I have bought 
2 crop tops, 2 Tshirt, 1 shorts 
The prices of the clothes at Time Square are very cheap and reasonable 
The red crop top and flora crop top are Rm25 each 
The white tops are rm5 each only :o
The shorts are rm35.90
So, 5 clothes had costed me less than Rm100 :D 

There are a lot of popular online shops like 
1. Honey Bibi closet ( wanted to buy a crop top there but the color that I wanted have out of stock :( 
2. Simple bean boutique 
3. Others ( check it out yourself :)

What drama are you watching ? 
I'm watching a lot of drama at the same time ~ and I only watch Korea or Taiwan drama :p 
Taiwan drama 
1. Fabulous 30 ep36
2. Pleasantly surprised ep14 
3. The way we were ep16

Korea drama 
1. High school king of live ep8
2. Hi school, love on ep4
3. It's okay, it's love 
4. She's so lovable 
5. Birth of beauty 

*The one which have episode behind is the episode where I stopped. While the one which do not have episode behind, is the one that I wanted to watch *Drama Queen?* πŸ‘ΈπŸ˜ 

What book you're reading now? 
Eleanor and Park !! This is one of the best love stories I have ever read. ^.^ I love the main character who named Park. The writer described him as he's a hot and handsome Korean guy ☺️ He did not care about other people's insight and wanted to stay with the red-haired fat girl, Eleanor. I love his attitude as now a days, there's no much guy will like girls who are fat. Sad to say that Most of them are realism :3 

Where do I have for my holiday ? And 
What do I eat ? 
For these, I'll post in my next blog :D 
Stay tuned 
I won't disappoint you guys ;)

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