Friend's birthday celebration

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10/11/2014 what's so special on this day ?

It's my friend, Hsiu Quan aka Brian's big day 😄 👏 *clap clap* *balloon* *fireworks* 

The only selfie we got 😂 haha
We should take more selfie la. Although I know that ur girlfriend will jealous xp okay we shouldn't ~ later ur girlfriend will kill me 😝 

Me and my friends have decided to make a surprise celebration for Brian and our plan goes on like this: 
Gather together first, then buy cakes, then go to his house, secretly messages his girlfriend to open the door, prepare the cakes with candles, go to his room and surprise him with birthday song 🎉🎊🎈

I was supposed to meet at one of my friends' house at subang. And I was lost in the way going there xD (told ya, I'm a road blind :p) Then I used Waze, my best friend, to find out the way. Fortunately, it din't disappoint me and lead to kindergarten usj12, where I was supposed to meet my friend at smk usj12 😂
 I called my friend that I was at the kindergarten and I can't find smk usj12. Then my friend was like laughing there, and told me that it's just opposite of smk usj12 xp 

After I met my friends at kindergarten usj12, we went to buy 12 slices of different flavored of cakes at RT bakery at ss15. (There's more than 12 flavored of cake there~ you can simply name one and it'll be there ;) 
There's choc cake, tiramisu cake, cheese cake, blueberry cheese cake, mango cake, green tea cake, sesame cake, and other cakes that I can't remember the name 😝 ( if you realized, there's only 9 slices on the table! Where's the other 3 ? They have been eaten by someone ~~xD )

After we went to his room to surprise him with the cakes, he was not really surprised 😕 like he has expected this ~ 
Guys don't get surprised easily huh ? :/ 

Then we went to souled out for dinner 😍😋
Fish and chips 🍴 for RM30

Milk shake for RM17 ( This is expensive :3)

Outfit of the day ☺️ credit to Shi Kei, aka Brian's girl friend. Thanks for the nice photo you have taken for me

Selfie 📷

There is only three of us who are girl in the gang :D selfie with Shi Kei (left) and Yee Jia ( right ). Both of them are taken :3 And I'm the only one who's single BUT not available :P
 *It is so stress to take selfie with both of them bcoz my face is too chubby d 😱* 

Snowflakes for dessert of the day <3 
Shared this with Jia Jia*

Selfie with my pretty JiaJia ☺️

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