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This is my first freelance work and it's Duracell battery :o

Hmm ~Although this is my first freelance work, it's not my first promoter work. I had worked in Bega Boutique in one utama shopping mall as a promoter before. 

As I mentioned in one of the blog I posted, I had gone to PA recruitment to interview part time job and this is the job that they offered me. 

This is the booth that I set up in Tesco Paradigm Mall 

And there's this cute Duracell bunny accompany me ^.^ It had made my day up :) 

Duracell battery had gone back to America and disappeared for a few years and now it has back with a new improved technology! 
Duracell battery had gone disappear few years ago because a lot of customer had complaint about the leakage of the liquid in the battery. Duracell was one of the customers' favourate brand last time. But after the incident, Duracell got a lot of bad feedback and this made them to go back to their country to improve their technology. 

Duracell battery is NOW BACK! And it's with their improved technology, which is 6 times stronger than those normal battery 👍 For an example, the toy car which is with Duracell battery can last longer than the ordinary battery. People might say that Duracell battery is pricy as it's more expensive than Eveready battery or Tesco battery. But the truth is, Duracell battery can last longer which mean that you no need to change the battery so frequent and no need to buy so much of battery! 

Moreover, Duracell battery is now has a technology, which is anti-leakage! The scientists have invented a technology to prevent the leakage of the liquid and they called that Duralock! Therefore, there's no problems of leakage of the liquid anymore! 

Besides that, Duracell is having promotion now! If you're using Energiser battery, you may think of Duracell battery because Duracell battery is having promotion now, which is cheaper! 

The normal price for 4+2 pack of AA/ AAA Duracell battery is Rm12.90. But now! It's just Rm10.90 
The normal price for 8+4 pack of AA/ AAA Duracell battery is Rm20.90. But now! It's just Rm16.90 
If you think that the discount is not much, don't worry ! Duracell is giving out free gifts ! XD Don't you get excited about it ? 

If you purchase any Duracell battery, you can get a transformer phone hanger. 
If you purchase a Rm10 or above of Duracell battery, you can get a Duracell magnet fridge board with a magnet marker pen. 
If you purchase a Rm15 or above of Duracell battery, you can get a Duracell bunny soft toy. ^.^ 

If you think that the free gifts is not attractive, then I think that you won't want to miss out this ! Because I also don't want to miss out a chance to win a Instax Camera 8s <3 

So how to win ? 
1. You can have take a picture with the Duracell bunny at any of the Tesco outlet 
2. Upload it to your Facebook and hashtag my moment with Duracell (e.g #mymomentwithduracell) 
3. Get friends to like it ( most liked will get a chance to win) 
4. The like duration will be 7 days (e.g 15Nov upload to fb, 22 will announce the winner ) 
5. Winner will be informed by social media or a phone call 

*theres 10 outlets of Tesco having this promotion and 4 Instax Camera 8s are giving out*

Last photo but not the least one! Secretly took a selfie during work xD *the angle problem* 

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