Blood donation

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Yo people, today I'm going to blog about my experience of blood donation 😊 

The very first time I donated my blood is on 22th of April and this is my 2nd time donate blood. 

I was very scared to donate my blood as the needle had to be poked in the blood vessel 😱 

But what encouraged me to challenge this ? Hmm, let me think about it ..... Okay ! I think it's because I wanted to try it as I did not know how it feels like and I wanted to challenge myself ! XD And also to challenge my friends ! 😈 I'm so proud of myself as I'm the only one who dare to donate blood for the first time :P 

Before I donated blood, I'm required to fill up my personal details and donor health assessment questionnaire 😊 The nurses also make sure that I have eaten my lunch before I donate blood. 

And then the person who is in charged in taking sample of blood, will check the type of blood we have 

The nurse is very helpful right ☺️ She helped me to cover my legs with the blanket . 

Resting my arm and waiting the nurse to help me to put the needle in my blood vessel :P

I was amused by myself that my blood came out so fast 😆 

Actually it's not that scary as it's not very pain. You can still feel the needle when it's poking inside your skin. The nurse had taught me very useful way to make me less nervous. She asked me to look at the ceiling when she wanted to poke the needle. And you know what ?! It works xD 

After they removed the needle, the nurse asked me to pressed on my wound, to clot the blood. Then, she concerned about my health, by asking whether I am feeling dizzy or what :)

Iron and vitamin B is necessarily after losing blood from your body :)

Certificate ~ have I stated that this donation is organized by university Malaya ? ^.^

They also provided some cake and milo drink after donation to increase the glucose in our body as during donation, we will lose a lot of glucose and iron from our body. 

Ya, so that's my experience of donating blood :) thanks for reading it <3 

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