The older we get, the harder we satisfy what we have, the harder we get to be happy

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As you can see from the title, today I am going to talk about satisfaction of people in different ages. So, let's get started and go into the topic. First of all, why would I choose this topic to blog? I think it's because I have seen a lot of people around me always did not get satisfied what they have and keep in complaining what they do not have.

When we were young, we got satisfied easily. Kids are always considered as angels because they have no worry, and always so happy. Even though they cried a lot because of some little things like someone had bullied them or fell down, they get back to smile later like nothing had happened. They are forgetful like a goldfish. They have an easy mind set unlike the adults who think in a more complicated way. They always forgive people and satisfy easily like what I mentioned in my previous post, their lives still go on ๐Ÿ˜Š

Kids are easy to deal with. They can be coaxed using sweets or toys. They are satisfied even in a small thing like go to the playground and have some fun all day there 

This photo was taken last head when I was still in secondary school with my follow friends ❤️ I'm still an adolescence :) Don't judge me Kay :p

For the adolescence, they're not as pure as the kids. At this age of people, they started to have their opinions and thoughts. They're not easy to be coaxed or influenced. Some of them are more mature and sensible. They might not get satisfied as easy as the kids and will request something that is more expensive like MacBook and no sweets anymore.
As we grow older, we tend to become more greedy. We want more and more and do not get satisfied so easy. We think more complicated( especially girls). There is this main aspect that we will never get enough and wanted to get as much as we can. (Don't you dare to say no XP)


I know that all of us love money a lot right? Although money can not buy Health but it sometimes can buy happiness. The older we get, we are more likely to dress up ourselves. We want to look more attractive and this require money $.$ . Most of the people will not get satisfied for what they got and wanted more.
I think most of the girls would like to have this kind of closet in their room. It's a dream for most of the girls, including me myself. We are like forever not enough clothes for ourselves or our closet. (I'm not sure about guys :p sry)

As we grew older, we hardly satisfy what we have and this made us become unhappy. We always like to compare with other people whether who is richer or who is smarter. We often do not embrace what we have and take it as granted. There are some other aspects that made us not to be satisfied and wanted to claim more.

No one likes work. But when it comes to result, people like to compare their marks and make proud of thenselves. When there's competition, you'll never satisfy how much you got, except when you got 100% of marks. You'll always want to get higher than your friend even though you have achieved 99% and your friend got 100%.

Most of the Asians always tend to act like they don't study for their examination at all, but actually they are the one who study the most( the Kia Shu one) They enjoy the compliment from others and act like they didn't put any if their effort. Some people who don't like to lose, are likely gain more stress. And therefore, the older we get, the harder we get satisfy and the harder we get to be happy.

We will definitely face some stresse in our studies or work. It's hard to ask someone to help you to solve your problems every time. The works are not as easy as the work in primary school or even secondary school or college, only you yourself can solve it.

Some people like to get attention from people. They always act differently when people starts to ignore them. They do not  want to be the left out one and wanted their friends to satisfy their needs. We always started to have a relationship problem like dislike a person's attitude or personality when we're getting older. Friend can never help you to solve your problem every time. Especially when it comes to couple relationship, it's hard to intervene into their problem and solve for them. It's better to let them solve it themselves and the only thing we can do is to motivate them and give them some energy. 

Please bare in mind that we do not need so many friends to prove that we are good, we just need one or two friends who are truly understand and know you :)

I'll be posting some tips on how to become happy, which works one in my next post. I'm not sure whether it'll work in you, but there's no harm to give it a try ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kay. Thanks. Bye. Loves <3
Feel free to criticize my grammer XP

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