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Today, I have my Economics Trial Examination done and I was so happy because my dearest Semester break is coming nearer and nearer XD. Besides that, I think today's Economics Test is doable. I can do most of the question but not all. _:P I can't believe that I can do most of the question because for me, Economics is always the hardest subject of all my other MUFY subjects. 
Maybe today is a good day? Maybe~

So after my examination, it is already noon and my empty stomach is already growling in hunger. 
When I was walking my way to Sunway Pyramid to hunt food, I saw this Health Body Check-Up booth at the Student Service Centre in Sunway College. I saw people are all surrounded the booth and this has made my interest to rise and followed the crowd. 

The nurses at Sunway Medical Centre are very friendly and they even explained to us what is this body check up about and the purpose of doing this. Before yo start to do this, you have to make sure that you did not eat any food in the past 2 hours as it will affect the result C:

There are some few steps we have to follow to complete this Simple Body Check-Up
Step 1: Fill up the Health Screening form that I showed above

Step 2: The nurse will help you to measure your height and weight. And then, he/she will calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index, which is calculated using the formula of 
\mathrm{BMI} = \frac{\text{mass}(\text{kg})}{\left(\text{height}(\text{m})\right)^2}

In my case, my BMI is 19.5 and it is considered as normal. The nurse also helped me to find out how much weight I still can gain although I do not want to know. It is because I will find tons of reasons to eat and gain more weight XP (p.s I love food)

Step 3: For girls, they will give you the female nurse to help you to measure your waist circumference. Therefore, you no need to worry a male nurse will touch your waist. They measure your waist circumference is to check whether you have excess fats in your body. The waist circumference is the easiest way to measure. For female, it is better to have >80cm of waist length, while for male is >90cm.

There are many health risk that one might get if one have too much of fats in the body
e.g diabetes,
     high blood pressure, 
     heart disease, and 
     certain cancers.

Step 4: measure blood pressure and pulse rate. Why do we have to measure blood pressure? It is actually used to find out whether an individual have hypertension and the potential to get a heart disease, e.g heart attack. Therefore, you are not allowed to talk when the nurse start to measure your blood pressure as it will increase the level of your pulse rate. You have to keep yourself calm and just stay quietly. It just take you a few second to be done. So be patient =)


Step 5: measure blood glucose. Why so we have to measure blood glucose? It is to make sure that there is no excess of sugar in our body as it will cause obesity to one. 
For me, I got 52mmol/L for my glucose level and it is considered as normal XD 

So here comes the ends of this topic and I hope you guys will know more about this =3 
Please take care of your body and take some simple medical check even though you are still young.
Night . =) Tq for reading it. Loves <3

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    1. Yes, I agree that nurses play a very important role in monitoring patient's health, as well as the doctors. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the information. Quite informative and very well explained. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Hi MVP REDDY, Thanks for saying that. Really glad that it helps. :)