Last day of MUFY

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T.G.I.F !!
It was Friday and  also my last day of college.

Time flies very fast. It seems like it just happened yesterday. I have been studying Monash Foundation for a year since January and now it came to the end of my foundation year, my college life. If you guys wonder what course I am going to take next year, I am going to take business and commerce for my degree at Monash University. Therefore, I am going to have my uni life next year at new university and meet tons of new friends XD

Actually I am not that excited :3 I have been used to meet my friends everyday at college and I think I will miss them during sem break :/ You might say that I still can meet them next year at Monash right? But some of them might stay at Sunway Uni and we might not take the same course. Thus, we would not meet each other so frequent like last time.

Last day of MUFY was a very memorable day for me. It means a lot not only for me but most of us. ( I think so ^.^, cause we have a lot of awesome lecturer and fabulous friends that make us laugh).

My Accounting lecturer. She is a very calm person. She do not get angry easily and always inclusive us. She teaches us in her very patient way even though we keep asking her the same question. ( Thank You, Ms Susan :)

My Mathematics lecturer. She is a very nice person. I admire her as she is very good in Mathematics.
There is no difficult question for her. We always ask her difficult question and there she always can solve it easily (Love you, Ms Pang <3)

My Economics lecturer. This is the first time I touching Economics as I was taking Chemistry and Physics at secondary school. She is a very good lecturer, but telling the truth, her voice always make me sleepy. She teaches very well, but her tone is always the same, and this make me can't concentrate. ( sorry Ms. Shree :P)

My English lecturer. She is a person who loves her job very much and she always make her class interesting. She loves history and her life as well. That is why she always tell us story during her class and I love her story ^.^

 This is the last class photo we took :( ( Dress Code: Formal)

Class Party XD The reason I love class party is because there is tons of food waiting me to finish them =P ( ya, that is how you know my body size came =P)
Pizza ^.^ This is yummy


Finger Food


Chocolate Chips

Chocolates <3

Gummy Bear
Junk Food 
And more~~ Mashed Potatoes( This is super tasty, love this the most, I think my friend can go and be a chef :D no joke), fruits, brownies, ice-cream, drinks

Selfie Time ๐Ÿ˜„

Spot yourself, see which is more handsome :P my class got a lot of attractive guys right ^.^ pm me if you want to know their numbers :D 

Pretty and gorgeous lady ☺️ 

Last but not least, my selfie ✌️

Thank you for reading ^.^

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