Where's Cheryl? πŸ˜”

by - 7:12 AM

I have been moody this few days and I don't like to be moody and I also hope that I won't be moody the whole month πŸ˜” what can i do? 

I asked myself again and again. Where's the past Cheryl that we know and we are comfortable with? I hope that I can find her back as I miss her a lot 😣 

Today, I got frustrated on my exonomics assignment because I have no idea what to do with the article that I have found in the net. So I decided to go and ask my lecturer for some advise. She told me that I have found a very good article BUT it's not suitable for me πŸ˜” It is a very interesting articles because it involved a lot of things which only suitable for those people who are very strong in economics. If I wanted to use that article so badly, I have to study really hard and improve my economics so that I can apply those economics terms in the article 😞 

This meant that I have to find a easier article which suits me!! Spent my whole precious Monday to find this stupid article and it's not suitable for me!?!? What !?!? 😫 it's like a thunder from the clear sky ⛅️⚡️ I really hate you, Econs !! But I'm trying very hard to love you 😒 

The other things that made me moody is my economics test result. My scores have gone regress and it's not that I don't study! I'm very upset and moody all the day. 

Lastly( hope that it's really the last things that upset me ) I forgot to bring my key when I was out. While I reached home after my classes, I found that no one is home and I didn't have key to go in my OWN house! πŸ˜– I whatsapp my dad so that he can tell my mom who is out to come back early. I have waited for like an hour? And I dropped a few drops of tears while waiting for them to come back. 

The reason I really tear is not that I can't go in my own house but all the things that I have haves today😒 today is really not my day. I just feel like crying out aloud to release all the things that stucked in my heart that make me feel uncomfortable. But I just sob quietly. 

Quietly. I'm scared of people asking why I'm sobbing. I'm a person who keep all the secret and unhappiness in the heartπŸ˜• quite passive right? But it's just another part of me. I don't like to share my troubles to people because they also  have their own problems to solve. 

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