Malaysia National Day

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Malaysia Day is held on 16 September every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysia federation on the same date in 1963. This shouldn't be confused with Malaysia Independence Day ( which is  celebrated on 31 August each year) when Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Fedaration of Malaya from Beitish colonial rule in 1957.

So it's very obvious that today is a public holiday in Malaysia and my dad does not have to go back to work. I love public holiday because public holiday is my family day. I can have my dady to accompany us even though we do not go anywhere and just stay at home. 

I'm not born in a rich family but I love my parents and my sisters. It's a kind of simple happiness that we can have our family beside us. 

Not to promote Nike shoes but I love Nike shoes because they are just very comfortable. My dad will bring us go for a jog whenever he got the time 😊 love my dad 💕 

This is my sister's shoes. She loves special colors where not many people would dare to take. So that they won't have the same thing with her.


We loves our Nike shoes but we love Sketchers shoes more 😝 the reason we did not buy Sketcher is because it's more expensive than Nike. This two Nike shoes are worth RM200++ per pair. If it's Sketchers, it'll be double of the price. 
 Therefore, my sister and I have decided to buy our very first Sketcher shoes when we are more affordable 👭 
We love Sketchers more than Nike is because Sketchers are more comfortable than Nike. It's more light and have a lot of design color for you to choose. 😍
Last but not least, selfie session 👍
My papa is just too swag. He did not understand why we love to take selfie and did not know how to smile infornt of the camera 😂


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