Lovely day 💕

by - 7:33 AM

To get rid of all my moody mood 

I have decided to eat some dessert with my friend 😋✌️ 

Caffe bene 😍💕💕
First trying this and it tastes quite good but a lot of ice ❄️ Freezing ❄️ 

Today's my English theme day, so all of us have agreed to wear pink/red ❤️💗 so much love huh? ☺️ 

It looks like it's valentines day or Chinese New Year 😜 most of them wearing red color T ( ong ah huat ah ---> Chinese way of wishing during CNY  )because boys think that pink is too girlish for them and pink will make them look cc ( gay) 😂😂 

Selfie with my friends as well as my lecturer 👭 love today's theme the most because it's pink !! Did I tell you that in a pink lover? I have most of my stuff with pink 💕 I'm so in love with that color 😍

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