Life still goes on~

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Finally I have my own little time to do my blogging. I wanted to blog these few days but I really can't do it 

As what I have told u guys, I'm really  busy this month because my final examination is around the corner and I need to concentrate in my studies. 

I really like blogging and tell my story but I'm not a clever student like some of them can memorize things so fast and they do not have to study so hard like me :(  they can literally remember all the things that taught by lecturer and when the exam comes, they just need to revise for a night and that's all, get HD ( high distinction). For me, I have to start study for days and I'm not sure whether the HD will come to me or no 😕 

Even though I have an idea and thought   about what to blog, I really can't squeeze any of my time. How sad my life is. :p 

Trying to be optimistic, and enjoy my life but life is always challenging. It doesn't go the way people want it to be and it is always unpredictable. Don't you agree with me? :) 

"Life still goes on 
No matter what happened 
Stop hanging on 
Just let go and move on"

Accept the challenge that is given by god and solve it but not run away! Try your best and leave no regret

People always want an easy and happy life. But, try to think yourself, if your life is full of happiness, which mean that there's no sad or excitement, and it goes the way you want it to be, don't you think that it will become so boring? 

It's like there's no accident in your life and your life is going so easy. If you like this kind of life, I doubt that you are a boring person. ( no offense :) 

Actually sometimes I like this kind of boring life. It's so relax and comfortable with the people surrounded you or being alone. It is so calm that you do not have any feeling and just blend in the world, listening to the air blowing, listening to the rain dropping, gazing the sunlight ray, enjoying the time. It's good to slow down your tempo once in a while and listen to your own breathe and enjoy the little thing around you. It might be the most beautiful thing in the world but it might be one of the blessing thing that you can have. 

God is generous enough to give us the "feelings". He gives us the opportunity to feel happy, sad, angry, anxiety, and others. Sometimes, I'm so thankful that I can feel sad. Quite weird right ? But without sadness, I won't know the feeling of happiness is so precious. Agree? :)

Be thankful that you're born in this world 
Be grateful that you're the chosen one 
Be happy that you're who you are 

Although some feeling, such as sad and anger might make your heart tears a little, it's a necessity in one's life. A little of negative feeling can make you stronger and brave to face the world.  

Last but not least, I just want to tell those who are reading my blog, 
Life is an Adventure... Dare it 
Life is a Love...Enjoy it 
Life is a Tragedy...Face it 
Life is a Struggle...Fight it 
Life is a Promise....Fulfill it 

And tq :)

 Leave any comments if you have something to say about this topic or what you want me to blog about next time :) 

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