English Class

by - 7:33 AM

I'm currently studying at Monash University and I love the people here but not the assignment 😝 

This Foundation year would be a lot of fun if there's neither assignment nor work. Ya, every course will be more interesting if there's no those stress and work. 

I'm here to thank my course mates and also my lecturer, Ms Ashley Greig who had made my semester 2 foundation year become so fun and interesting 

We had our theme day which is on Wednesday and it's very obvious that it blue day 🎽👖
Pink/Red Wednesday is my favourate day becaus I love pink 😍 Do you think that there's so much love in this picture. Not to deny that it looks like we are celebrating Chinese New Year 😂

Black Wednesday 🎩 funeral ? Haha don't think too much. The boys like this day the most because they have plenty of black shirt to choose. My English lecturer doesn't allow us to wear the same shirt within two weeks 😄 So, we are given a week advanced to find/ buy / borrow a shirt 😜 

White Wednesday. My lecturer has 4 classes included my class and it's awesome that she will wear the same shirt after 6 months ( exclamied by her ). Don't you think that most of the girl will envy of her? Because she got such a big wardrobe room to fit in all her clothes 😇

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