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Drive to school today 😁 I hope that I'll have my own car one day but most of my friend who own a car, said that they do not like to drive. 😗 it's because they enjoy people fetching them and driving made them tired. Besides that, they also claimed that they have to help their parents to fetch their sister/brother or buy things after they knew how to drive 😂

While for me, although driving will make me tired, I still like driving. It's because I'm free to go wherever I like 😄  
The reason I drive to college today is because my sister is not using her car, so I have the opportunity to use hers. 😊 

A picture of me while driving the car. 🚙

Today, after I had had my lunch ( garlic chicken rice ) near my college, I saw my form5 classmate/ form5 prom date. He's still so hot and looks good. I think I'll fall in love with him if he's a Chinese. Ya ~ he's not a Chinese and I'm not trying to be racism. He's actually a mix with Arabian and Malaysian. Ya so he's a Malay. But he looks really hot😍 

He proposed to me when we were form5 and I rejected him. He looked quite sad and I was quite sorry for it. I always wonder, if he's not a Malay, will I accept him? And I think I got the answer. 51% of yes. It's because he looks hot ☺️. The rest 49% of no is because he can't change his race. And so that will just happen in my dream. 

Throwback to form5 last day of class 👫

I was quite scared that I'll fall in love with him as I don't want and I can't! I don't want because I still want to wear shorts and eat pork 😝 . I can't is because my parents are quite racism. They allow us to communicate with other race but not in a relationship. 

Ps I think I accidentally deleted the pic that we took during prom night 😒

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